How Text Messaging Helps To Boost SMB?

SMB or Small and Medium Businesses need to put in more effort than big businesses to achieve success. SMBs have a limited budget and many constraints when it comes to marketing. While big businesses can spend on ads and other promotional strategies, SMBs have to think twice before spending on marketing. A highly cost-effective and result-oriented strategy that is best suited for SMBs is text messaging. This involves reaching out to customers through text messages service sent on their mobile phones.

Why text messaging?

Text messaging has many advantages making it ideal for use by SMBs. Some of the reasons why SMBs can use text messaging are:

• Text messages can be sent and received instantly. Internet connectivity is not needed to send text

• Studies have shown 90% of text messages are read by users within 5 minutes. This makes it ideal for use in marketing. Phone calls are considered intrusive by customers. Text from email marketing has its own problems with many recipients not opening the mails. Text messaging is much more effective.

• On average, a person looks at his phone more than 100 times per day, increasing the chance of a recipient reading the message.

• 70% of users surveyed in a study indicated that they were open to receiving marketing promotional messages through text messages.

• Above all, text messaging is cheap and text message software solutions can be used for mass texting.

All the above explain why text messaging is ideal for SMBs to use.

How it helps SMBs.

If you have an SMB then you can use text messaging to help your business reach out to customers. You can run marketing campaigns effectively using text messaging. This is how text messages can be helpful for SMBs.

You can run a promotional campaign

You can run a marketing campaign to promote your product or service through text messages. This can be done at a fraction of the cost incurred in a regular marketing campaign. The entire marketing campaign can be summarized in 140 characters in the form of a message. The message can mention the product offered by your SMB and the offer for the customer. You can even add a link to your website to allow online tracking. Whenever the recipient clicks on the link and visits your website, you will be able to track the potential customers. This will even help you verify the effectiveness of your campaign.

You can update about new products

Whenever you launch a new product, it is important to update customers about it. Getting business from existing customers is easier and you can do this by sending them updates on new products and services that you launch. Sending such updates will help you to increase sales from new products.

You can send details on discounts and offers

One of the best techniques to use is to send details on discounts and offers through SMS marketing. You can send a discount or promo code by a text message informing the customer of the offer. Your message can tell them how to use this code when they visit the store or buy online to avail of the offer.

You can run contests

One of the ways to attract customers is to run contests and motivate them to participate. You can do this easily through text messaging. Customers can reply to your message with the answer. You can then send discount codes to all customers with prizes to a select few. This is a great way of using text marketing effectively for promotion.

The above explains how SMB’s can effectively use text messaging to boost their business. The text message is an effective marketing strategy to use.

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