How Text Messaging Help the Law Firms to Keep Clients Engaged & Boost Referrals in 2021


Text messaging is being used increasingly by businesses to engage with their customers and get the best results from their marketing activities. Text messaging or SMS is a simple yet easy way of customer engagement. It helps to reach out to maximum customers and is highly cost-effective. This is why various kinds of businesses are preferring to use text messaging. Law firms can also use text messaging to reach out to their clients and increase referrals. Let us look at how law firms can effectively use text messaging.

Why should Law Firms Use Text Messaging?

Law Firms require to continuously engage with their clients. This could be on issues related to the case, services offered, etc. This continuous engagement ensures the client gains confidence in the law firm. This is important from the business point of view. The law firm needs to keep its clients happy by providing best services. When this happens, the law firm need not worry about marketing. The existing clients would refer new clients. Such referrals are the best ways to get new clients.

Text messaging is simple and easy to implement. The law firm would have a database of their customers. They need to subscribe to a text messaging software. The software would help them send messages easily. They can choose to send messages to all clients or a select group of clients. The software service would have various features to make the process of sending messages easy.

An SMS can be received by anyone who has a mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if it is a smartphone or not. It does not require internet connectivity. Studies show that an SMS is read by 97% of its customers within 3 minutes. This ensures that any communication sent will be seen immediately. This is the reason SMS or text messaging should be the first preferred option for communication by law firms.

How text messaging can be used for client engagement?

Text messaging can be used to improve client engagement and get more referrals in 2021. The following are some guidelines that explain how this can be done:

1. Use SMS for a client-centric experience

A law firm is a service-oriented organization. Such firms need to ensure the client is at the center of everything. To ensure this, you need to keep engaging with clients regularly. You need to send information and updates on time and handle any queries by clients. Doing this in an effective way ensures you provide a client-centric experience. This can be done easily using SMS. You can send updates to your client using the text messaging software. This is the best way of enhancing your client engagement.

2. Automate texting

Text messaging can be automated. Once you decide what messages need to be sent and when they have to be sent, you can automate the sending. You can schedule the dates and timings when you want the message to be sent. The message will automatically go the scheduled date and time. This is easier and saves you the time and trouble of sending messages daily. This is a good way to send routine messages.

3. Send personalized messages

Sending mass text messaging may be helpful in some cases and not all. A client may not be happy with the fact that you are sending a bulk message. This problem can be easily solved by customizing the message. You can use the text messaging software to include the client name, case number, and any other such details. When the client sees this message, it helps in better engagement since the client will believe the message is specifically sent to him.

4. You can encourage reviews to drive referrals

When a new client wants to avail the services of a law firm, they would like to get feedback on the law firm. They do this through online reviews. Your law firm can encourage your clients to share positive reviews about their experiences. You can send a text message to your existing clients requesting them to share their reviews about your service. You can ask them to provide testimonials that you can use on your website.

You can provide a link to the website or Google page where they can post the reviews. Apart from this, you can take feedback from clients to understand what they feel about your service. They can rate your service by sending an SMS reply to your message. Collecting feedback will also help you improve your services.

All these guidelines are simple and can be quickly implemented. If you are running a law firm, you can start using SMS to engage in a better way with your client. This will help you boost your referrals and increase your client base in 2021.

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