How Text Messaging Can Help Restaurants Streamline Staff Communications

Business text messaging is a powerful way of engaging with customers. Businesses can use SMS or short
message services to send messages to the mobile phone of customers. This allows them to reach out to customers easily and quickly. It is one of the most effective tools for communication since it does not require internet usage or any special app. All that is needed is a mobile phone, not even a smartphone but any kind of phone. While text messaging can be very beneficial for customer communication, it can be very helpful even for internal communications.

SMS marketing is used to reach out to customers. The same strategy can be used to reach out to staff. Internal communication is very important and ensures everyone is on the same page. This is important for all types of organizations, including restaurants. A restaurant is a service organization that works in real-time. Customers keep moving in and out throughout the day. Communication with staff needs to be quick
and effective.

There is no time for elaborate meetings. Important information needs to be sent from one department to another to ensure smooth operations. A mobile phone can be used for this. Since everyone has a mobile phone, it is easy to use text marketing, where messaging software can be used to send messages to all staff. The following explains how text messaging can streamline staff communication in restaurants:

1) Communicate work schedules

Work schedules are important in restaurants. Since the restaurant is open throughout the day, employees may work on shifts. Schedules need to be prepared and sent to employees so they know what duty they are assigned to. Waiters need to know the tables they are assigned to. The restaurant can use an online text message to send information on schedules to employees. All they need to do is type out the message and send it, the message reaches instantly. When employees go on leave or sudden schedule changes need to be made, it is more effective to send information through messages.

2) Send updates

Sending updates to staff members on information related to the restaurant is easy through text messages. Mass text messaging can be used to send updates to all staff. Messages related to any change in the restaurant operations, like change in times or introduction of a new menu can be easily communicated through text messaging. Any important update sent to customers can also be sent to employees so that they are aware of what is happening.

Updates are needed on operational issues like inventory. Staff needs to be aware of when materials would arrive. Updates on new designs or new pricing also can be easily sent through text messaging. Updates can also be sent by using the schedule text message option. This is helpful when messages need to be sent at frequent intervals. For example, the menu of the week can be sent through a message and it can be scheduled so that reminders are sent daily to employees.

3) Inform about safety and hygiene protocols

Thanks to Covid-19 pandemic, there are many changes worldwide. Restaurants need to focus more on hygiene to prevent infections. Sanitizing the workplace frequently, ensuring social distancing in seating arrangements in the restaurant, avoiding unnecessary contact with each other, and using gloves and masks are a must. Information on these protocols can be sent through text messages to create awareness. Reminders of regular use of sanitizers, etc. can be sent to reinforce the message.

4) Effective management

Effective management of the restaurant can be done through text messages. Information from the kitchen to service staff and vice versa can easily be sent through messages. Once an order is completed by the kitchen, this information can be sent to the cashier through a message. Costly computerized systems can be avoided by smaller restaurants and SMS can be used instead. It improves communication and ensures operational efficiency.

5) Understand employee problems

A survey text message is an option that can be used to send surveys. While this is useful for customer feedback, it is also helpful to get employee feedback. Employee problems and their satisfaction levels can be ascertained through surveys. These surveys can be easily sent using SMS. Employees can reply to a question sent through yes or no. They can even provide detailed answers through a feedback form. An online feedback form can be used and the web link sent by SMS to all employees to fill in.

Group texting can be very effective in communication. It allows instant communication from the management to employees. Text messaging also allows communication from employees to management and with each other. Restaurants can effectively use it by following the guidelines in this article. This would help them streamline their communication in the best possible way.

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