How Text Messages Boost Your Real Estate Business?

The real estate business involves buying and selling of land and buildings. A real estate business would have a listing of property available for sale. They would then contact customers who are interested to buy a property and promote the listed property. They also help sellers by listing their property and helping them find the right buyer. Real estate is a typical service activity that involves constant customer engagement. The secret to succeeding in real estate is continuous interaction with customers. One of the best tools to help in this is a texting service for business.

Text messaging is a simple, easy to use, and convenient way of communicating with customers. A text message can be sent instantly to the mobile phone of the recipient. 97% of text messages are read, which makes it a great tool to use to send business communication. Text messages can be sent to any type of mobile and do not require internet connectivity. Studies have shown that a large majority of customers prefer marketing communication through text messages since it is non-intrusive. This makes text messaging ideal for use by businesses. It is also cost-effective and using texting software messages to thousands of customers can be sent through a single text message blast.

Text message service for Real Estate

A real estate business can make use of business texting to boost its business by ensuring effective customer engagement. The following are some ways of effectively using SMS marketing to reach out to customers:

1. Provide information

The real estate business is all about providing information. A prospective customer needs to be aware of the properties for sale. This can be done by sending an SMS. Mass texting service allows details of new properties listed to be sent to all customers on the database instantly at the click of a mouse. Regular updates on properties can also be provided through text messages. For example, a change in the price of properties can be communicated easily.

Apart from information in the form of text, another powerful option text messages have is the use of MMS or multimedia messaging. Photographs and videos of the property can be sent via SMS. Rather than read the description of a property in a message, a customer would prefer to see pictures. A video walkthrough of the property will help the customer make up his mind even before visiting the property. This is a very useful way to boost business.

2) Inform of open house schedules

Real estate agents conduct regular open house sessions, where customers are invited to take a look at the property. The agent would be available at the property and guide the customer and provide the information needed. An automated text message can be sent to customers on the database informing them of open house schedules. This message can be repeated to remind the customer of the date of viewing. This allows real estate agents to bring in customers to view the property thus increasing the prospects of a sale.

3) Promote the number for texting

When a property is put up for sale, a signboard would be placed on the property. This signboard can have a mobile number to be used to get information through SMS. Someone driving by the property can see this sign and send an SMS to the given number. The moment the SMS is sent, complete details of the property can be sent to the sender in the form of a message. Photos/videos can be included. A link to the website of the real estate business with details of the property can be provided. This is an easy way of engaging with customers. Keywords can be used to get information for a particular property. This makes it easy for customers to get details of a particular property.

4) Introductory messages

A real estate business can try to expand its customer base and listing by sending introductory text messages to potential customers. Such a text message can introduce the business and explain the USPs of the business. The message can be used to invite people to list their properties with the real estate business. It can also invite those interested in buying a property to send a message to get details of properties that meet their needs. This is a good way of acquiring new customers.

Text message services are a great way for real estate businesses to engage with their customer. It is easy to use and has a high response rate from customers. It is cost-effective and allows the business to reach out to more customers increasing the chance of making a sale. It is simple to use and requires a database of customers and texting software. If you are having a real estate business, you can start using texting to communicate with your customers to boost your business.

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