How Text Marketing Helps To Boost Bands & Entertainers?

Bands and entertainers offer their services at restaurants, parties, hotels, events, and public places. Entertainers include singers, dancers, stand up comics, jugglers, etc. All these are entertainment service providers whose business depends on customers visiting their show, buying tickets, or making contributions. The key to their business success is to bring in more customers. Marketing is important so that they can communicate with customers regularly. An easy and cost-effective way of marketing communication is through Text marketing.

Texting and Marketing

Texting refers to sending text messages to communicate. A text message or an SMS (short message service) involves sending a short message of up to 160 characters. It is an easy and quick way to communicate and can be sent on the mobile phone network. It does not require internet data connectivity nor does it need a smartphone to view the message. Some statistics show how SMS marketing is the perfect option for use in marketing:

• 97% of all text messages are read by the recipients. This makes it ideal for use in marketing.

• The response rate of text marketing is nearly 46%, which is significantly higher than other forms of marketing.

• Customers consider text messages non-intrusive. They prefer communication through messages since they can read the message while doing their regular work without being disturbed.

• More than 80% of customers have indicated that they prefer text message marketing as it a convenient way for them to interact with businesses and get promotional offers.

Text marketing for Bands and Entertainers

Bands and entertainers can interact with their customers using texting. It is easy and convenient for customer communication. An entertainer can communicate with multiple clients through an SMS. All that is required is Business texting software that can be used to send messages at the click of a mouse. The software can be used to select customers to whom a message can be sent. You can send messages to a few customers or to all customers at one time. You can even schedule text messages to be sent at different dates and times. This is a convenient way of using messaging to communicate with your customers.

The following explains how bands and entertainers can use text marketing to boost their business:

1) Let customers know about you

Publicity is important for bands and entertainers. Customers and potential fans need to know about you so that they can attend events where you perform. Information about your band and your profile can be viewed. A text message is the best way of ensuring this. An SMS can be sent to potential customers using a database of people who attend such events. Such an introductory message will help you introduce yourself so people can start attending your events. If they are organizing an event, they can then consider inviting you. An online text message can be sent with brief details or a link to the website.

2) Send information on events planned and concerts

Bands and entertainers participate in events or conduct concerts. This information can be sent through SMS to people on the database. This will help in bringing in the crowd to concerts and events. This is the best way to boost business by drawing in paying customers. Information on dates, venues, and events can be sent. In case of any change in the event date or time, this can be easily communicated through SMS.

3) Sale of merchandise becomes easy

Entertainers and bands who gain fame can capitalize on their fame by selling merchandise. This merchandise can include T-shirts, CDs, souvenirs, books, and other items. Fans who like the entertainer/band would love to buy this merchandise. Sending information on merchandise availability and allowing for purchase through text messaging is a great way to boost business. When fans use this merchandise, it helps in creating word of mouth, which can boost business.

4) Interaction with customers

The secret to success for any business is direct engagement with customers. When entertainers directly reach out to individual fans, it makes them happy. Customers feel special when a celebrity entertainer engages with them. This kind of engagement can convert customers to fans. This is the best strategy to win loyal fans and boost business. This kind of personal interaction is possible even through mass texting. Using software allows the personalization of messages. Even though a mass message is sent, it can be personalized with name and other details making the recipient think it is especially sent to them.

Texting is an easy way to communicate with customers and fans. Entertainers can use this option to engage with fans and customers. This is the best way to boost their business. If you are in the entertainment business or running a band, you can start using texting for your marketing to improve your business performance.

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