How Text-2-Email Can Completely Transform Your Business

The future of communication is digital. Many consumers prefer text and social media communication over the phone and email. The majority of people now own a smartphone and spend much of their waking hours on their mobile devices. A recently conducted study showed that 3 out of every 4 calls went completely unanswered by Americans. Because of this new trend, it is important for businesses of the new digital age to embrace all of the latest developments in communication and technology. It is important to accept change instead of trying to resist it.

Text-2-Email is a new technology that has made collecting email leads through text messages easier than ever before and this will prove to be transformative to many businesses around the world.

What is Text-2-Email?

Text-2-Email is a tool that allows a business to use their current number (or alternatively an exclusive number created through the tool) to receive text or picture messages from their customers/clients. This is a modern take on the toll-free number listed on many online websites.

Smart businesses have realized that a phone is a form of communication that is slowly dying out. People prefer to communicate on their own schedule without having to dial a number. By listing a number where customers can send texts and photo texts to, businesses can capitalize on lead generation technology which the new generation will gladly embrace.

The mission of any enterprise is to solve problems for its clients. What better and faster way is there for a customer to demonstrate what kind of problem they have than simply snapping a photo with their smartphone and texting it to a number? In the new generation, this will surely be much more appreciated than having to talk to a call center worker (who may not even be in the country) or having to wait on long holds. Once a customer texts a photo to the number, the company will receive it and can reply with a solution in a professional manner.

Since they have the information of the client, they will be able to easily market and follow up on the client by either text, phone, or email. An example of a company that has utilized Text-2-Email to its benefit is The Part Works, Inc. ( The company has placed an ad for their Text-2-Email phone number right above the footer of their website. Clients who have a problem and need the assistance of tech can send a picture and message to the number listed. As a plumbing company, it is imperative that The Part Works, Inc. collects and follows up on every opportunity.

The best leads that the company has are the clients who have already seen the services the company has to offer on their website and have taken the time to inquire about their own particular problem. These clients have a major pain point for which they need a solution for and they are willing to pay money to fix their problem. Once Part Works, Inc. receives an email from a client, they can present the solution to the problem and give personalized quote information based on the data they have received from the client. It will be a very straightforward process of finding a solution for the client and then converting the initial mass text messaging into a sale.

Any business can benefit from this technology, but the companies that will find it most useful are businesses that offer services that are situational. Businesses that offer highly tailored solutions that are not just one-size-fits-all will find this tool incredibly effective for capitalizing on every opportunity presented to them. Businesses across the world pay large sums of money on advertising and purchasing leads to direct their marketing. Many times, large advertising budgets end up completely ignored by the audience that they are marketing to because people have a natural inclination to tune out when presented with advertising.

Text-2-Email completely flips the script by inviting the customer to come to the business instead of the business trying to force the service on a client who may or may not even need it. In the case of Text-2-Email, it is not a matter of the client needing a solution, it is a matter of the customer being able to best present a solution and solve problems once a customer with a problem comes to them. This is powerful marketing at its best.

Text-2-Email is a must in the new digital age for your business. Instead of trying to resist change, it is important for your company to utilize it in order to propel your growth to the next level. Consumers have been very clear on their preferences in communication and it is up to businesses to realize this and cater to the customers' needs or to stick with their old methods and experience resistance every step of the way. By utilizing Text-2-Email you will gain many opportunities to close sales than you previously thought existed.

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