How SMS Marketing Impact In Your Mobile Sales Business?

Mobile commerce or mobile sales has become an important element of sales in most organizations. It refers to sales that are done over the mobile phone. It can include sales generated as a result of marketing campaigns carried out over a customer’s mobile phone. Many years back, making telephonic calls on the mobile phone as a preferred marketing activity. Most customers regard such calls as an intrusion on their privacy and may even block the call. text marketing is the most preferred marketing activity done on a mobile phone.

Why use text marketing for mobile sales?

Using business text messaging services allows organizations to interact with their customers through their mobile phones. More than 98% of people view messages they get on their mobile phones. Americans check their mobile phones at least 300 times a day. This means the messages you send for marketing have a high likelihood of being viewed. The response rate for campaigns on mobile phones is quite high at 45%, which is much higher than the email response rate.

More people use their mobile phones for accessing the internet. For many people, the mobile phone serves as a phone and a computing device. They purchase products online through their phones. Studies have shown that nearly 69% of sales during shopping seasons occur on mobile phones. The biggest factor acting as an encouragement for marketers is that 57% of mobile users are ready to receive promotional messages on their phones. This is what makes text marketing suitable for mobile sales.

Using text messages for mobile marketing

Text messaging allows group texting, where you can send a message to many people at the same time. This is made easy using texting software that provides various such options. Text messages allow marketers to reach out to many customers to provide information on their products, run marketing campaigns, and provide updates. It can be used for customer service too, in the form of getting feedback and responding to queries.

Text messaging can even be customized to send customized messages to customers where each customer can get a specific message that can be used to offer a solution for their specific needs. If you want to increase your mobile sales, you can send text messages to customers to engage with them better. The following are guidelines that explain how you can do this:

1. Put your database in place

It is important to have an updated database of prospects, leads, and customers. This database can be used to send messages to your existing and prospective customers. You can get the database through trade shows, exhibitions, walk-in inquiries visiting your store, and visitors to your website. Make sure you comply with applicable privacy laws by taking the consent of a person before adding to the database. When you start sending messages, provide an option to the recipient to opt-out of receiving the messages.

2. Use keywords to run campaigns

The main feature of text marketing is the ability to run marketing campaigns online. You can use the online text message feature to send messages to customers. One of the tools available for you is keywords. You can use keywords to promote a particular campaign and then allow the customers to respond to your message.

For example, check the following message:

We have an exclusive offer for you entitling you to a discount of up to 50%. This is specially offered for our gold customers like you. Text SPLOFF to 1234 for more details.

In this example, you can see the key SPLOFF being used. This is a keyword representing the campaign for a special offer. When a customer sends a message using this keyword, the software sends details of the offer for the customer. You can thus use text marketing for interactive text messages, where you can engage with customers.

3. Welcome subscribers

Text messages can be used to welcome customers. When a prospect becomes a customer by making a purchase, then you need to formally welcome them. You can send a text message welcoming the customer, introducing them to your brand and products, and providing information. This information can be provided in a text message or you can send a link to your website, which has all the details.

4. Keep them updated

Text messaging allows you to keep customers and prospects updated. You can send a text reminder to prospects reminding them of offers that they can avail to purchase your product. If you have an online store, you can send reminders of pending items on shopping carts. You can send updates to customers on new products or upgrades and other such information. This is a good way of being constantly in touch with customers.

Mobile text marketing allows you to engage with leads and customers that will help you improve your mobile sales.

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