How Text Message Helps Fitness Business to Reopening Regimen

Gyms and fitness studios were the ones that were closed first when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US. After many weeks of lockdown and quarantine, states are liberalizing the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. This means people can spend more time outdoors and in public, but definitely with masks and maintaining social distancing. And places of worship, transportation, theaters, and gyms are among the few things that are included in the first phase of the reopening plan.

But reopening your fitness business after the lockdown is not going to be an easy task. You need to maintain all the new safety precautions in place. Furthermore, you need to let your customers know that all your fitness center is safe for them. This can dispel any fear in them and help them finally get back into their fitness routine.

So How Can You Attract Potential Customers Or Make Your Existing Customers Come Back?

The answer is simple: SMS marketing. Text marketing is an invaluable tool that puts your fitness business offers and information directly into the hands of your customer. It is the best communication channel that lets you connect with current and prospective customers as well as drop-outs.

How SMS Marketing Works?

Business text messaging is a way of sending special offers, notifications, discounts, and more to your members via text messages. It is the quickest way to get your message in the right hands at the right time. There are different types of text messaging to connect with your customers.


These are five to six-digit phone numbers used to send SMS and MMS only.


MMS lets you send photos, GIFs, audio, or video files through text messages.


It is a mass text messaging service that sends a series of text messages to the subscribers.


These are unique words that your customers can text to your shortcode and opt-in to receive your business text messages.


When someone opts-in to receive your business messages, this feature sends out a series of messages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep the customers engaged.

Data Collection

This feature helps in segmenting the audience based on their responses, tailor the messages, and helps in group texting.

Ways Fitness Businesses Can Use Text Marketing During This Pandemic

Text marketing is the most effective way for fitness businesses to communicate, engage, and retain their members during this pandemic. Whether you want to drive leads to your website or promote your latest fitness tips, the online text message is an ideal way to do it. With highest delivery and open rates, text marketing has the potential to get the maximum leads to your fitness business.

1. Send Out Offers and Promotions

If you have a new fitness challenge or offering a discount after this pandemic, send text messages to members to promote what you have to offer. Promotions are the best way to keep your members happy and come back to you.

2. Maintenance and Safety Updates

Due to this uncertain time, people are more concerned about their safety. Send messages to let your customers know the details of safety precautions taken and alternatives taken to maintain social distancing while exercising. Also, send details about when the classes are expected to resume and what will be the new timings.

3. Positive Texts

The COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. There is a rapid spread of the disease, which has created a major impact on the global economy. With so much negativity, members will get discouraged and put fitness in cold storage. Send encouraging texts to motivate your members and invite them to your class. Remind them about their fitness goals and what they're missing out.

4. Surveys and Feedback

A survey text message is a cost-efficient way to find out what your members really think about reopening your business after the lockdown. You can send a survey SMS to get feedback on ways to maintain social distancing at the gym, how many are interested in long-term membership,and more. You can use different types of surveys based on your goals.

5. Alerts, Announcements, and Renewals

Text marketing is a great way to deliver alerts and announcements quickly to your members. You can send messages regarding your new fitness class, new protein powder, and more. You can also schedule text message to send automated reminders on class cancellations, new schedules, and renewals of their membership text messages.

6. Quarantine Tips

You can personalize your members' experience by sending out workout tips and nutrition advice through text messages. You can also let members ask questions to your staff about at-home exercise or equipment.

The Bottom Line

Regular communication is essential to maintain a relationship with your members. With high open and response rates, text marketing can be very effective in reducing the risk of annoyed members and improving retention rates.

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