How HR Department Use SMS/Text Message Marketing?

SMS marketing or SMS marketing is one of the simplest and most effective marketing strategies that a company can use. It involves the use of text messaging in the process of marketing. Virtually everyone has a mobile phone. This makes it easy to send messages. The recipient would receive them even if there were no internet connectivity. Studies have shown that nearly 95% of people read messages that they receive on their mobile phones. This makes SMS marketing an effective way of reaching out to customers since they are more likely to view their messages.

SMS Marketing is a marketing strategy that can even be used by other functions within the organization. One of the key functions of an organization is HR. The Human Resources function is responsible for manpower planning, recruitment, selection, induction, training, employee engagement, and other key activities in the organization. The HR department can also use SMS marketing for its activities.

Let’s look at how this can be done effectively:

  1. One of the key activities HR carries out is conducting interviews and assessments for candidates. Once a job vacancy is advertised, interviews need to be scheduled. While emails can be used, the problem is that due to stringent spam filters, emails may not reach the recipient. Calling candidates can be a problem since they are working and would find it difficult to receive calls from a prospective employer. This makes the use of text messages ideal.

  2. A company can use text marketing software to make the process of sending messages easy. The software can have a database of customers and messages can be sent either to all or some of the people on the list. The HR department can use the same software, create a database of candidates, and start sending messages to them.

  3. Messages can be sent with schedules of interviews. Large companies schedule multiple rounds of assessments and interviews. Information on all this can be sent to candidates with just a click of the mouse. All the HR executive has to do is type the message and it can be sent to all the candidates or only to specific candidates. This ensures immediate information is sent.

  4. Sometimes interviews get re-scheduled. Sending a message is a quick and easy way of communicating this to candidates as well as people within the organization who are involved in the process.

  5. Right from the first point of contact until the selection is done, communication can happen easily with candidates. Selected candidates can be informed through SMS. Details of the offers, company rules, and other such information can be sent through a link. This information can be stored on a secure webpage and the links sent by SMS. This is an effective way of using SMS during selection.

  6. Recruitment is another key process that precedes selection. This is where the company has to find candidates interested in the job. They may have a database of people who have applied earlier or may have a database sourced from staffing agencies. They can use this database to send a message informing the recipients of a job opportunity and other details so that they can apply for the job.

  7. Once an employee joins, there are many routine activities done by HR. Text messaging can be used for all these activities to communicate with employees. Some of the ways this can be used are:

a. Inform employees about payroll-related information and send them links to download their payroll records.

b. Send intimation to employees who have not submitted records for approval.
c. Reminders to submit timesheets or any other such important records.
d. Information on employee loans, changes in interest rate, etc.
e. Information on all policy changes in the organization that employees should know.
f. Information on training programs scheduled. The messages can be sent in such a way that all those participating in a program would get information on the program. Information on training dates and timings can be easily sent.

  1. One of the key functions of HR is to motivate employees to perform well. The best way of doing this is by recognizing their work. Sending messages to employees informing them of the list of top achievers is a good way to recognize the efforts of employees. This will delight them and motivate others to achieve success.

  2. The HR department can conduct employee satisfaction surveys through SMS. An online survey can be used and the link sent through text messages. Employees can even be asked to respond to the message by sending a keyword. This will be recognized by the texting software, which can compile the result of employee surveys.

The HR department can use SMS marketing to make its work easier. It makes them more productive.

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