Find Out The Importance of SMS Drip Campaigns

In the world of marketing, drip campaigns play an important role. While drip campaigns have typically been done using email, now more and more companies have begun to use SMS for drop campaigns. An SMS drop campaign is nothing but sending SMS to customers in a drip fashion. Messages are sent one at a time continuously over a period of time. The schedule is decided in advance and the messages sent. This can be made possible through SMS by subscribing to an SMS marketing service.

Previously, drip campaigns were mainly sent through emails, where emails would be sent as a series. The same thing can be done using SMS. It is a proven fact that SMS has a better response rate than emails. On average, an SMS is read by 97% of recipients within 3 minutes. This shows that using SMS as a marketing technique would be effective. Studies have shown that more than 3/4th of customers preferred receiving promotional messages through SMS. Drip SMS campaigns have a very high likelihood of success.

Why SMS Drip campaigns are important?

SMS Drip Campaigns are important for marketers. They are a powerful way of interacting with customers. In today’s highly competitive world, the secret of success is active engagement with customers. The best way to do this is through SMS. It is effective in terms of results and also in terms of costs. An SMS drip campaign can be very helpful in effective customer engagement. This can help marketers boost their business and improve their sales.

The various benefits of SMS drip campaigns explain its importance. These include:

  1. An SMS drip campaign can be done by any type of company. It does not matter what is the type of business, they can use drip campaigns effectively to get results. Retail outlets, restaurants, clinics, spas, training centers, and any other kind of organization can run an SMS drip campaign.
  2. It is a good campaign for businesses that work on the subscription model. It can help you deliver value for customers.
  3. You can send messages as a part of the promotion campaign using drip messages. You can analyze the best time to send messages and schedule your messages to be sent at that time. You can schedule the sending of messages in advance. This is a convenient way of running a campaign where you don’t have to use manpower to send messages every day.
  4. Since messages can be scheduled and sent, a drip campaign helps in saving a lot of time. It also saves money, since the time saved can be used for productive work.
  5. A drip campaign is the best way for customer engagement. As you keep sending messages to customers, you can connect to them. This is a good way to build your brand and promote it. When you keep sending messages frequently, your potential customers will be able to recall your company name and product. This increases the chance of making a sale.
  6. It is the best way of nurturing leads. In the sales process, nurturing leads is an important activity. Through a drip campaign, you can nurture your leads by continuously sending them messages that will help you run your campaign in a systematic way.
  7. Apart from SMS, you can even use MMS in your drip marketing campaign. You can use MMS to send images and even videos. This is a better way of engagement that provides more effective results.

Running an SMS drip campaign

If you want to run an SMS drip campaign, then this is how you can do it:

• You need a database of leads and customers that is updated. You will use this database to send messages.
• You need an SMS marketing service using which you can send drip messages.
• Use the SMS drip campaign option in the software to start sending messages.
• You can use the options in the software to decide the customers to whom you want to send the message. The option of sending to everyone or selecting a few is available. This will help you target your customers effectively.
• Compose the message or series of messages to be sent.
• Schedule the sending of messages. You need to indicate the dates when the messages need to be sent and the time of sending the message. Time plays a crucial factor and you need to send messages when the customer is relaxed and has time to read messages.
• Save the campaign and it runs automatically. Sit back and wait for the results.

Whatever is the business that you are running, an SMS drip campaign is the best way to get results. You can subscribe to the best SMS marketing service and start using drip SMS from today. Follow the guidelines given in this blog and watch your business getting a boost.

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