8 Effective Tips to Increase Your Black Friday Sales

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Black Friday sales in the US always touch the sky. New records are created every year as proof of increasing sales and purchases. Be it online orders or brick-and-mortar sales, Black Friday is the day when people buy like there’s no tomorrow.

Sounds great. How can you ensure that your business also receives these sales on Black Friday? After all, people need to know that you plan to offer discounts and deals if you want them to buy from you instead of your competitor.

Black Friday sales require planning in advance. You must have a clear plan of action to promote your business and attract customers. Since every business will offer some sort of deal, it is even more vital to make your presence felt in the chaos.

Check out the eight tips we listed below to increase your Black Friday sales and boost profits.

● Exclusive Discounts

The whole point of Black Friday sales is the discounts. The more the discount, the higher the number of orders. However, you should choose the right products and discount rates to attract customers. With so many deals and offers by competitors, how you plan your discounts will also affect the sales ratio. Provide exclusive discounts on products that have never been available for a cheaper price. List the products that are trending in the market and reduce their prices for the day.

● Social Media Promotions

Promotions are a must if you want to create anticipation in customers and make them aware of your business. Social media platforms are active channels to run ad campaigns with coupon codes and deals. Put up regular posts about Black Friday deals at least a month in advance and continue to share regular reminders. Run ads throughout the fortnight to reach a wider audience. Tweet about it, make reels for Instagram, post pictures on Facebook, etc.

● Text Message Marketing

You can’t go wrong with this. Text message marketing is where you contact your customer base. Send them SMS messages about the upcoming Black Friday deals. Include exclusive codes, gift cards, URLs to scratch cards, gifts, etc., in the messages. Remind them that you are also offering some cool discounts as a part of the Black Friday sale. You can even offer additional discounts to in-store customers who show you the message you sent.

● New Landing Page

Design an exclusive landing page for Black Friday promotions. Make it attractive and user-friendly. Include links to product pages and subscriptions to increase sales. Place a banner on the website to make it clear that you are offering Black Friday deals. People should know of it with just a glance at the site. Optimize the landing page to increase the conversion rate. Use tools like timers and customer testimonials to create interest in the visitors and nudge them to place an order.

● Reach Out to Existing Customers

People who purchased for you will be more likely to buy again, especially if you offer discounts. Send them an email, text message, pop-up notification, etc., to inform them about Black Friday deals. Let them know that they can come back to buy from your place. You can even offer pre-orders or special deals to existing/ VIP customers. For example, VIP customers can be given the first access to discounts an hour before the sale goes live.

● Product Bundles

Bundling products is a great way to clear your inventory and be rid of products you've had for a while. However, how you combine and bundle products affects the actual sale. A bundle with two or more less known products will not get enough orders. But a bundle with a combination of popular and unpopular products will get more orders. People won’t mind grabbing something extra if they can get their favorite product for a lesser price.

● Free Shipping

No one likes to pay extra bucks for shipping. Free shipping on all orders will nudge even small-time buyers to go ahead and place their orders on the website. You can even offer free home deliveries if the customers place an order via phone/ app.

● Referral Discounts

Want existing customers to bring new ones to your business? Provide referral discounts on Black Friday deals. Customers can get an additional discount on their order if they refer to a new customer. This helps you add new contacts to your database and send them promotional text messages and emails.

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8 Effective Tips to Increase Your Black Friday Sales.jpg
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