12 Effective Text Message Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

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Text message marketing is simple, effective, and affordable. However, the success of your marketing campaign depends on how well you plan the strategy and implement it. From choosing the target audience and crafting the right message, and sending it at the right time, every little point matters.

Since SMS/ text message is considered an easy way to communicate, many businesses started relying on this channel to stay in touch with customers. Text messages are used for promotional, informational, transactional, and customer service purposes.

Here are twelve effective text message marketing tips that can help you streamline your SMS Marketing campaigns and get a higher ROI.

● Limit the Message to 160 Characters

Your SMS to the target audience should be either 160 characters or less. A text message isn’t a blog or even a WhatsApp message where you can send lengthy texts in a single message. Brevity keeps it engaging and informative. Use capital letters and shorten URLs, though it’s better not to use SMS abbreviations.

● Send Alerts and Reminders

Text messages are used for transactional and informational purposes by many businesses. For example, you can send an update about their order, a reminder about renewing a subscription, confirmation about their appointment, and so on. The purpose is to keep them updated and enhance customer service.

● SMS Opt-In

Text message marketing requires a solid contact database. You cannot send a text message to people who haven’t signed up to receive your messages. Make it easier for them to opt-in for your text messages. Post on social media, offer a gift or coupon code for a subscription, get them to sign up for the loyalty program, and so on.

● Informational Plus Promotional

This is a vital point that establishes your relationship with customers in the long term. Though text message marketing is used to promote your business, don’t restrict the purpose of this communication channel. Share greetings, tips, updates, deals, discounts, etc., to make the customer feel special.

● Introduce Yourself First

Write a well-defined introduction message to send to every new customer. Set the tone with this message and explain what you offer in brief words. You can also inform customers about the frequency of your text message so that they’ll be prepared to see your business name/ number in their inbox.

● Schedule Automated Campaigns

Set up the messages in advance using text messaging software. You can schedule bulk messages to be delivered at a specific time on a given day. Align it with other marketing strategies to amplify the returns. For example, text messages with discount codes should be sent when the offer is active.

● Send Actionable Messages

An actionable message is the one that prompts the customer to perform the expected task. Emails have CTA (call-to-action) button. Similarly, text messages can have URLs to social media accounts, landing pages, giveaways, lucky draws, etc. Make the message attractive and compelling for them to act.

● Personalize Content

Personalization is a must in today’s scenario. Even something as simple as using the customer’s name in the message greeting will work. However, try to get deeper and personalize the content for each customer segment. Send them text messages about what they would like to know.

● Don’t OverDo

This is yet another crucial point. Don’t send too many messages and end up annoying the customers. If there’s nothing important to say, don’t send them a text as a part of regular promotions. Use other channels like email, social media, blogs, SEO, etc., for routine promotions. Don’t bore them. Ever.

● Surveys and Feedback

Text messages are handy to perform surveys and collect feedback from customers. You only need to set up two-way communication for customers to reply to the message with their opinions. Connect the business texting software with analytical tools to understand the feedback. Make sure to thank and update the customers after asking for their opinions.

● Timing is Important

Send the text message at appropriate times. The ideal time would be from morning to late evening. How many customers would be interested in a promotional message at 12 in the night or five in the morning? Send your message at a time that’s convenient to the receiver.

● Convert Live Chat Leads to SMS Contacts

If you set up live chats on your website, your aim should be to convert those into subscribers or SMS contacts. Lead them through the sales funnel and speed up the conversion process.

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