Best SMS Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies

According to, as of July 2019, 66.5% of the world owns a cellphone and nearly 9 billion mobile connections. Why are you still emailing potential clients? Most of your emails probably go into their spam or filtered out into the trash. At a nearly 98% opening rate of text messages, why aren’t you starting an SMS Marketing Strategy? As competitive as insurance maybe, get an edge over the competition with an SMS marketing Strategy. Gain a personal connection with clients without interrupting their day.

● Market & Grow Your Agency

SMS Marketing is essentially sending text messages to thousands of interested people at a time in order to either gain clientele or push out promotion. Don’t waste your time by sending texts to every person on the planet. Let the public opt-in so that you only send messages to people who are actually interested in the agency and campaign. Set up different types of campaigns for different types of subscribers.

Let users know how to sign up. Post the keyword on blogs, social media, and even your website. Make it eye-popping so that clients will see it so that chances of gaining subscribers will increase. Entice new members with the perks of joining the text campaign. They won’t join if they get nothing out of it.

● Efficient Communication

Not only is SMS Marketing great for attracting new users, but it is also great for communication with current clients.

With TXTImpact you can quickly send messages in bulk to groups of users in case of anything urgent or new you need to send. With TXTImpact, you can send a Mass Text Message as well as a Mass MMS Message if you want to include pictures to thousands of people. Moreover, create scheduled reminders, send out policy changes, or even launch new products. Keep your customers up to date as well as keep yourself updated with customer responses. Your clients can text a hotline number so that issues can be brought up quickly and efficiently.

With TXTImpact, keep all of your business communication on virtual numbers that we can provide or use ur own existing landline. Using our online dashboard or mobile app, you can access all your communication in one centralized location. With features like Email-2-Text, where you can quickly send texts to subscribers from Outlook or other Emails. Moreover, configure forwarding settings so that you can personalize where you want to view messages outgoing or incoming.

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