Benefits Of Mobile Coupons 2021

Mobile coupons have been a revolution since e-commerce boomed the market thereby attracting many more customers and increasing sales thereby. Mobile coupons have been an effective marketing tool, and are used by consumers mainly in the retail market. According to a study, almost 91% of the people using a mobile coupon have the tendency of using it again while shopping. 62% of people revealed that they shared the mobile code with their friends/ relatives and earned referral income. While you provide mobile coupons to customers, it can lead to various benefits.

• Attracting more customers:

While you declare a sale on products, say 20% or else, you will observe there is an increase in sales. There is a general tendency with the buyers that they buy things only when they see discounts. Whenever there is a sale, the buyers feel there is a chance to save on his pocket.

• Minimizing advertising costs:

While you print the discount voucher, or maybe a mobile coupon, it has the name, address, and other details printed on it. This might be noticed by a person who could be a prospective customer and notes down the necessary details. Hence it serves the purpose of advertising and attracting customers.

• Customer’s database:

The best part of holding mobile coupons is that you get details about the customer’s database and his details. You may acquire the contact details of customers and send them deals in the future that might attract them for a buy. Mobile coupons need not be carried physically but can be produced upon entry to any place. This virtual coupon wins hearts and attracts more sales.

• Getting hold of new customers:

Coupon sale is a unique way of holding to a new customer. While the customer gets the advantage of a financial discount, then he will be naturally interested in buying new products. You will have all the opportunities in turning the customer into a repeat visitor. Digital coupons are nothing but the bait of a fishing rod. You can set the offer of discount and see how your sales will be skyrocketed.

• Moving older products:

Some products don’t sell well during a period; these could be redeemed with the mobile voucher. You may easily give discounts or rebates on the products which are slow on selling. The best way to incorporate sales is to club in your offer with other products that can trigger sales. This way, you may clear the stock.

Well, there are various types of deals a mobile coupon generally undergoes, and they are evenly distributed through SMS, MMS messaging, Bluetooth, and many other mobile means. The various types of coupons can be categorized as:

  1. Dollar offs or maybe cent offs
  2. Free voucher
  3. Buy one and get one free
  4. Discounts on multiple purchases
  5. Improving attendance of events. Sometimes, an event needs a boost in order to attract attendance.

There is generally three processes of couponing which can be widely categorized into three.


There are various methods or systems where the mobile coupons can be delivered.


Where the user must act in receiving a mobile coupon.

Short number:

Here the user must be sent a code to a short number which when received by a mobile coupon will be delivered to the email or maybe via a post.


The user must download and then activate to receive a coupon.


The user would have to activate the Bluetooth in receiving a coupon.


The real-time redemption begins with the hardware or machines that use the scanner or any other point of sales. This coordinates the central system and validates the coupon.


The coupon triggers the purchase of digital goods through a link on a WAP that purchases the discounted products.


The clearing of coupons can be done with the help of digital code and with the real-time redemption of the various software and purchase of digital goods.

A unique way of attracting buyers to the host of digital mobile coupons is by placing them on a landing page. You may use hashtags or any other marketing tools to attract your customer's sight to the mobile vouchers. A study says that about 49 % of consumers opt that preferred result be taken to a mobile coupon page, and that will take a dig as twice as likely as an e-commerce page. Most consumers tend to redeem it from their mobiles, but the downloaded data could be used later in various cases, especially sales promotion. Digital coupons are the best way to increase customer sales on the website and also the door to door sales. In fact, while the era of the digital boom, a boost in sales can always be done through social media but with the help of digital coupons.

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