Automated Text Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Text marketing or SMS marketing is the use of short message service or texting to send marketing messages. It is an innovative and cost-effective way for an organization to reach out to customers. A business can promote its products in an effective way using SMS. It is an easy and convenient way to engage with customers. It is a time-tested way to carry out marketing activities. Customers prefer being contacted through SMS since it is non-intrusive and convenient.

Text messages can be sent using SMS software. This makes the process of sending SMS easy. A message can be sent to thousands of customers at the click of a mouse. This process can be automated, making it more convenient for the team. Automated text messages can be used to send promotional messages as well as alerts and notifications. Automation saves time and ensures the process of sending messages go on seamlessly without the need for someone to do it manually.

Why is automated text crucial?

Automated text messaging saves time and money for the organization. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of using automation for text messages. The benefits include:

• It helps to reduce operational costs. There is no executive required to sit in front of the software to send messages. This saves on manpower as well as time.

• Sending automated messages can help in informing customers with updates on key transactions. Confirmation of order receipts, dispatch of product, confirmation of appointment, receipt of payment, and other such details can be sent through SMS and this can happen automatically without human intervention. This helps to improve operational efficiency.

• In marketing, automated messaging can be very important. Promotional messages need to be sent on time. These messages may need to be repeated to remind customers of offers and to ensure the promotional activity brings results. This can be automated by pre-fixing the date and times, so the messages are sent automatically.

• Constant engagement with customers is possible through automated messages. Service requests can be accepted through SMS. Customer queries can be answered automatically by using keywords. When a customer sends a keyword, the software would recognize the keyword and respond to the keyword as per the instructions given. This helps in effective engagement.

• Customer satisfaction can be improved by using automated SMS. Sending instant responses to queries, responses to complaints, and service renewal reminderscan be done by automating these tasks. This is a good way to keep customers happy.

• Customer feedback can be collected in an automated way by using SMS surveys and feedback. It is possible to even use SMS to conduct polls. All this data collection can be done automatically and stored in a database from where it can be used for analysis later.

How to use automated text?

Having understood how crucial automated text is, you may now be convinced of the need to use it in your business. If you want to use automated text, the main requirement is to subscribe to an SMS marketing service. A good service will give you the option of automated text messages. Once you have a database of customers, you can use the settings option to decide which messages to be sent along with the dates and times of sending.

You can automate the sending of messages in the following areas:

  1. You can automate welcome messages to be sent to new customers. Whenever a new customer comes onboard, a welcome message can be sent. This message can contain links to your website where they can get more information about your business and its offerings.

  2. Providing information customers need is easy through automated messaging. Your message can contain a keyword called INFO, which the customer can use to get more information. If the customer replies using this keyword, then more information in the form of a message, website link, or link to download a file can be sent.

  3. Reminders can be automated. This can help your business to remind customers on payment of bills, completing of bookings, renewal of service, booking maintenance service, etc.

  4. Updates and notifications can be sent automatically whenever transactions are carried out. Order tracking messages can be sent automatically to help customers track their orders. Updates on payment made, product delivered, etc. can also be sent.

  5. Tips can be sent to customers along with newsletters. This can add value and can be automated.

  6. Feedback from customers can be collected after each transaction or periodically. This can be automated.

Automated text messaging helps in not only saving on time and effort, but it offers many other benefits including improved efficiency and better customer satisfaction. This makes it crucial for your business. If you haven’t implemented this innovative feature, you can do it today by subscribing to the best SMS marketing software service.

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