Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Mass Texting

Mass text messaging is not the same as any other form of informal or formal texting. You need to be very clear in the message that you wish to portray. There should be no extra information or fluff in mass messages, and information should be direct for the readers. Marketers have found that there are some ways to improve the impact of the mass texting efforts.

The secrets of improving mass texting are as follows:

1. Provide what is necessary

There is a limit to the number of characters one can use in mass messages. As a marketer, you need to ensure that you share your message clearly within that limit. You must leave out all non-essential and unimportant information from the text and send only the relevant information. As a marketer, you need to understand that the attention span of your target audience is not more than 8 seconds. Hence, whatever information has to be put across, has to be done within that time to draw the attention of maximum prospective clients.

2. Time the message

Timing the message appropriately is important. The marketing team has to undertake rigorous market research and analyze the behavioral patterns of potential customers. Find the correlation between your business and the customer's requirement. Understand if the requirement for your customers is in the morning hours, afternoon, or evening and time your message accordingly. For example, your services are mostly utilized by the customers during the evenings, and you send across your promotional mass text informing them about an offer in the early hours of the day. When it is time for them to utilize the services, they might forget about the offer, altogether, and your purpose for sending the information across goes in vain.

3. Personalization is a great idea

Research has shown that potential clients, or even existing ones, respond to personalized messages better. Understand the different customer personas of your company and address them individually. If you address their issues directly, they might be more interested to hear what you have to say. If you address their pain points, there are chances that they will put in efforts to read your message and respond to it.

4. Understand the customer pain-points

Understanding the customer pain points is an essential step of marketing in the right way. Trying to address those problem statements will help you market your product or services to the right audience in the right way. If you can ensure your customers through your message that you are concerned about their issues, they might be more interested in the messages or the solutions you provide them with. Understand the customer pain points and direct your mass texts towards providing a solution to them, for a better and long-term impact on customer relationships.

5. Don't Spam

Spamming will do nothing apart from ruining your brand reputation. Do not keep sending messages to potential and existing customers that spam their text boxes. It will do nothing but show your brand in a negative light, and they might not be willing to come back to utilize your products or services. Device a persuasive and convincing message for your customers to be sent occasionally to make the best impact.

6. Discuss with experts to create a strategy

If you are not sure about the mass text marketing strategies, hire a group of expert marketers who can assist you with the same. Text messaging campaigns require a certain level of creativity to make the best impact in the lowest timespan. If you cannot do it by yourself, let the marketing experts do it for you. These experts will understand your marketing needs, incorporate their creativity to create the best messages for mass texting customers for the maximum impact. Marketing strategies for mass texting are as important as any other form of marketing. Know what your efforts can bring to your brand, and hire a team accordingly to help you in the way.

7. Have a Call-to-action button

Having a call-to-action button which will direct the readers to take the text message to the next step. Research has shown that these call-to-action buttons can increase customer engagement to a text. Just reading a text is not your purpose, getting your customers to interact with it and act on it is what you need to run your business. The call-to-action button can do just that to make the best out of it. You can creatively have these buttons placed within the message for the best response from your potential and existing customers.

Mass texting is not as simple a trick as you may think it to be. All the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind while creating and deploying mass texts for cohorts of customers or all customers as per your business requirement.

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