7 Ways to Improve Your Business Text Message in 2020

The use of business text messaging, i.e.: the use of text messaging or SMS for business or commercial purposes is very popular. In 2020, it is sure to be used more often by businesses. Using business text messages is a great way to reach out to customers and promote your product. business text messaging that promote a brand or product are more likely to get responses from customers and potential customers.

If you were using business text messaging and wanted to improve the way you are using this service, we give you 7 ways or strategies for this.

1) Use it to improve services

Text messages can be used to improve services provided to consumers. Effective service requires good communication, which is where SMS marketing can help. Service organizations can use text marketing effectively to communicate with customers, respond to their queries, and provide on-time service.

2) Offer contests

Business text messaging is the best way to offer contests and sweepstakes where customers can respond to your message to participate in contests. The incentive of winning a prize can motivate them to participate. Once they participate, discount coupons and vouchers can be offered to induce customers to buy products from you.

3) Run promotional campaigns

The biggest benefit of using a business text message service is that marketing promotional campaigns can be run easily. Information on new products and offers can be sent and responses tracked. Effective use of messaging can ensure customers respond to your messages and make a purchase.

4) Remind customers of appointments or visits

Service organizations use appointments for interaction with customers, eg: doctors, beauticians. Fixing appointments for customers can be done through messages. Once an appointment is fixed, reminders can be sent easily. Follow-up on missed visits and appointments is easy using text messaging.

5) Offer personalized messaging

Sending mass messages is old-style marketing that won’t work today, Mass emails nowadays don’t even reach because of spam filters. Text messaging offers an excellent alternative, whereby personalized messages can be sent. The name of the customer or other details on the database can easily be included in the message sent to customers. A software tool can be used to do this personalization easily.

6) Get feedback

Getting feedback from customers is easy. You can get instant feedback the moment the customer places an order. You can send a message asking the customer to respond with a code to indicate feedback. This is an easy and effective way of getting feedback that will help you improve.

7) Offer advice and share tips

You can send advice and tips on trending topics regularly to your customers. This can be related to your work. For instance, a dental clinic can send tips on dental hygiene through the message or by sending a link to the website. A restaurant can send tips on healthy diets, which will help in continuously engaging with customers.

The above 7 strategies can help you improve your business mass text messaging activities in the coming year.

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