7 Uses Of Text Messaging

SMS marketing is becoming a very popular way for businesses to communicate with their customers. There are services online that allow the business to schedule messages to be sent out to their customers. Most of these services are very affordable. This type of service can help save time for the employees of a business. Here are some of the ways this can be done.

1. Appointment Reminders:

Text messaging can be used to remind clients or patients of scheduled appointments.

2. Confirm Appointments:

Some online reminder services allow the option of receiving responses to automated reminders. This can be used to confirm appointments.

3. Promotional Advertising:

When used in conjunction with a coupon code, mass text messaging can be used to advertise a promotional offer to customers who have signed up to receive SMS messages. Mass texting can also be used to advertise new products.

4. Reoccurring Reminders:

Reminders can be sent periodically to customers to remind them of reoccurring events, such as annual checkups, send birthday greetings, or any other purpose.

5. Text Message Surveys:

When the reply option is set up, a survey could be entered, asking for a response in a given numerical range from the customer. Responses can be downloaded into a spreadsheet to allow for analysis of the survey results.

6. Reply to Order:

Utilizing the response system, customers can be reminded of an approaching order deadline, and given the option to send an order via SMS messaging.

7. Service requests:

Text messaging can be used by existing customers to request a service call or report a problem with equipment or services after hours. Appointment reminders, Mass Texting service, and customer surveys are just some of the ways that SMS services can be employed in the business. These services can help save money and time. SMS messaging has shown to be one of the most effective ways of reminding customers of appointments. These types of services can be an effective tool for numerous types of businesses.

Doctors can use SMS services to communicate with their patients that sign up for SMS reminders of their appointments, which can reduce the number of missed appointments.

Repair oriented businesses can use text messaging to communicate with their customers and their employees.

For businesses that have employees go out to a customer’s location, once that employee is assigned the call, directions can be sent to a phone, or a link to a map.

These are just some of the ways that mass text messaging can be used in businesses today.

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