7 Different Ways To Use SMS Discounts to Drive Sales

SMS marketing is truly one of the best ways to boost the sales of a particular company. Everyone is familiar with it. In fact, it the most resorts to the technique in recent days. Almost all the shops, all the businesses we visit, follow us up with SMS offers and whatnot. Customers are made aware of any new sale that is going on or even is about to go live. It is the SMS that alerts them and ensures that the sales are boosted.

There are two things that go hand in hand when we are thinking about sales. They are SMS and discounts. These are actually what draws customers to the stores. When these two are put together, the best happens. It excites the customers and so the sales receive a major hike.

Since almost every other business is resorting to this means, it is essential to become the best of the best. There are several things that are to be kept in mind while designing SMS discounts so that they can create the maximum impact. But first things first, let us look into some facts and figures.

The statistics behind SMS marketing

There is a reason why SMS marketing is so awesome. The figures below will show the reason.

• Approximately 82% of users have their SMS notifications turned on.

• Approximately 95% of users open those SMSs.

• Approximately 98% of users actually read those SMSs within 3 minutes of receiving them.

• Approximately 45% of those users respond to SMSs.

• The response time of these SMSs is 60 times faster than the response time of the Emails.

So if you are a business that sends out Emails to your customers, it is time that you switch to SMSs. It will simply make you more efficient and you will definitely have better response rates.

Why opt for SMS?

If there is still a question as to why a business should opt for SMS to boost their sales, this section will clear all the doubts. It is not only better for the customers, it is also better for the businesses.

• They are personal.

• They are short.

• They are easy to respond to.

• They can be easily accessed by people of any age group.

• It does not require any additional apps to gain access.

• It does not require any internet connection on the part of the users.

• It is far more affordable.

• It does not mess with the privacy of the receiver.

What are the SMS discounts?

SMS discounts are the best way of capturing a customer’s attention. It makes the customer feel special because, more often than not, these discounts are tailor-made for the receivers. These SMSs basically let the customers know all the exciting offers they could possibly avail if they are opting for a particular business. SMS discounts make offers look very lucrative. Hence it becomes difficult for the customers to turn down or ignore such discounts or offers.

7 creative ways to step up the SMSs

With so much ongoing competition in the market, it is essential for a business to ensure that their discounts are better than the others. Also, it is important that SMSs become more exciting. Listed below are 7 superbly creative ideas that will definitely help you in boosting your sales through these SMS discounts.

• Offering cashback that is unusual.


Hi, [customer’s name]! Visit [store’s name] today to avail a huge cashback! It will be equivalent to the last three digits of your mobile number. Terms and Conditions apply. Hurry up and grab the offer!

• Offering early bird discounts.


Hi, [customer’s name]! Visit [store’s name] today to avail of an awesome early bird discount. The sale starts on [date and time]. All you need to do is reply to this message to ensure that you are an early bird. You can avail a guaranteed discount of [amount or percentage]. Hurry! Terms and Conditions apply.

• Offering members exclusive discounts.


Hey there [customer’s name]! Become a member at [business name] @ [membership fee] and enjoy exclusive discounts like [list of discounts].

•Offering lucky draws.


Hi, [customer’s name]! Enter the special lucky draw at [business name] by replying to this message. Avail of exclusive discounts once you win it! Hurry up!

•Offering referral discounts


Hi, [customer’s name]! Refer us to your friends and family today, using code [code]. Whenever they buy something from us, we will give you a discount on the equivalent amount when you shop with us next!

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