7 Automatic Text Reply Prompts for Your Business

With a good business comes great responsibility. It is the responsibility of communicating with clients. No matter what your business is, good and prompt communication is the key to success. It is easier to manage when you are at your work desk, with a mild workload on your shoulders. But what happens when things start getting busier or what happens during the leave? A client who is kept waiting is bound to think that this attitude is rather unprofessional. If you have been looking forward to finding solutions to all these problems, this article has come to your rescue!

Text reply prompts can come in handy during any business communication situations. It is fast, it is efficient and it is just a click or a tap away. In fact, a survey claims that by the end of 2020, approximately 85% of the businesses will rely on automatic text replies. This is because another market survey claims that nearly 57% of customers like to correspond via some emails or some text messages.

Why use automatic text reply prompts?

The answer to this question is very simple.

• To be able to reply quicker.

• To be able to manage conversations better.

• To be able to skim through the messages sent by clients.

• It also helps to reduce the desk time that has to be spent to reply to each and every message.

• Using prompts saves typing time.

• Only necessary and client-specific information has to be added.

• Prompts also helps the sender understand what best to write so that the relationship with the client is not jeopardized.

When to use automatic text reply prompts?
Prompts are good and easy, true. But they cannot be used always. This section deals with all the occasions on which an automatic text reply prompt is good to go.

• When you are going to be away for a long period of time.

• When you are busy in a meeting.

• When you have some other urgent matters to attend to

• While driving.

Things to remember

There are a few things that have to be kept in mind before the automatic reply message prompts can be finally sent to a client.

• Proofreading the prompts is very necessary.

• It should provide the exact and proper date on which you will be able to get back to them personally.

• Make sure that the message contains everything very clearly so that all the queries of the client can be answered in one go.

• If scheduling personal replies is a thing for your business, make sure that the auto-reply message also contains the necessary link. It leads the customer to the scheduling website.

Examples of some automatic reply messages

The key to a good automatic reply message is to look professional. It is extremely crucial in order to ensure that the company-client relationship remains intact always. The following examples could be of some help.

1) When you have missed a call, the following prompt can be used.

• If the person is in your contacts:

Hi, [client’s name], sorry I missed your call due to work. Will call you back as soon as possible. You can schedule your call here: [Link]


[Your Name].

• If the person is not in your contacts.

Hi, sorry I missed your call due to work. Will call you back as soon as possible. You can schedule your call here: [Link]



2) When you are out of the office, the following prompt can be used.


Sorry for not being available at the office today. I have very limited access to Emails as of now. If it is about a billing issue, please mail the Finance Department at [Link]. If you require any further assistance, call the Support Team at [Phone Number].

I will get back to you once I return. Sorry again.


[Your full name].

3) If it is about customer support, the following prompt can be used.


It was nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. We will get back to you regarding your inquiry at [date, day, and time].


[Company name]

4) If you are welcoming a client, the following prompt can be used.

Hi [client’s name]! It is great to have you on board! We hope you will have a great experience with us. If you have any queries regarding your membership feel free to call our customer support at [phone number].

5) A thank you prompt could look something like this.

Hi [client’s name]. Thank you for choosing us. Hope you had a great experience! We hope to see you back at [Company’s name] soon! Hope you have a great day!

For any further inquiries, you could call our customer support at [phone number].

6) If you want to create a good impression.

Hi, [client’s name]. It was great to see you today! You could also visit our website [Link] or call us at [Phone number], to know more!

7) For making the sale.

Hi, [client’s name]! An exciting offer just for you! [Details of the offer]. We hope to see you soon taking advantage of this special offer!

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