6 SMS Marketing Tips For SMB 2021


Are you running a mid or small-sized business and trying to market your services/products? Well, apart from social media marketing, you can make use of SMS marketing for reaching your target audience. To invest money for spending in traditional media would be quite expensive. SMS marketing has opened doors to the small and medium scale businessmen who have tremendously benefitted from its usefulness. Discussed below are some SMS marketing tips that you can follow and master.

1. Making Your SMS Promotions Exclusive:

Make sure that whenever you are sending an SMS to your customer, it’s completely new and promotes a never-before idea. Your idea of a new product and promotions would be completely new and be inspiring the target audience at large. Well, you should keep in mind that your target audience should not feel it's spamming their network. The offer they receive might not be available otherwise, in fact, there should be some special things to tell each time.

2. Timing Your SMS Properly:

There is a special timing to your SMS being sent to the target audience. You must send it at a time when the customers feel it’s the right time to read. Never send it late at night nor send it at 5 in the morning provoking the recipient to wake up early. Send them any special messages between 9 AM and 9 PM, and you can be sure that your message is read.

3. Avoiding Spam:

In case you are running an SMB, then you must be outsourcing your marketing activities through an agent who knows how whom and when to send SMS. According to the marketing experts, each industry holds its own space and they know when to send the SMS to the customers. In fact, if the customers find the content not suiting to their mark, they might mark that as spam.

4. Checking The Result Of The Campaign:

In case you are trying to implement the messaging services, in that case, you will have to measure the performance of the SMS sent by you. You will see the click-through rates, and also a host of other statistics that can improve the result of your campaign. You can compare the results of various messages and try to analyze the pattern. This is a very important step.

5. Asking People Or Opting:

Well, you must explain to people that the messaging service always has an advantage and it’s for their convenience. If you are dealing with a big or medium scale business, then you must tell educate your target audience that they will get some personalized messages which can’t be obtained anywhere else. It’s essential that you mustn’t SMS the customers from your own phone but from a hired number. Let the agent send bulk SMS on your behalf.

6. Constructing some quality textual context:

Well, if you are on the way to construct some real, quality content for your messages then you will have a really good audience. They would love to read your messages which might be a valuable addition to their knowledge bank. They would love to pass these sorts of messages. SMS is a part of a marketing strategy but never mixes it with marketing communication strategy.

Imagine you are running an apparel business or a small-scale reading business, you will have to reach your potential customers in your area; sending SMS would be the best possible thing. SMS is the best type of marketing tool that can reach customers in a single go. In fact, according to statistics, a customer may or may not open the emails the entire day. But, an SMS would be read within 3 minutes of being delivered. This is the greatest advantage of sending SMS to your customers. By sending an SMS you can be assured to get some leads. In fact, you can include the CTA (call to action) and some links that can lead to the website directly. This feature might save the customer’s time to log in to the shopping site separately. In one word, SMS has been a boon towards the business owners as well as the customers who can keep updated on the regular trends of shopping practicet.

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