5 Ways SMS Marketing Will Help You Get More Business

If you are running a business, then you need to implement innovative marketing strategies to get more business. In today’s competitive world, it is important to focus on marketing for business success. There are various strategies that a business can use to get more business. Of all these strategies, one of the most effective ones in terms of both cost and result is SMS marketing. This is a great strategy that can help you get more business by engaging better with customers.

Why use SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a great way to engage with your customers and promote your products. There are many reasons why you can use SMS marketing. They include:

  1. SMS Marketing is cost-effective. The cost of a text message sent to customers is less expensive as compared to other marketing strategies like advertising, direct selling, etc.
  2. An SMS can be sent at the click of a mouse by using text messaging software. Messages can be sent to multiple recipients instantly, making it convenient to use.
  3. Text messages reach instantly and can be sent to any mobile user, irrespective of whether they have internet connectivity or use a smartphone or ordinary phone.
  4. An SMS will be read by 97% of recipients within 3 minutes of receipt. This makes it a perfect option to reach out to customers.
  5. 46% of customers receiving an SMS are likely to respond allowing you to get more leads for your sales process.
  6. More than 85% of customers have indicated that they prefer receive marketing messages using SMS since it is non-intrusive and convenient.

5 ways SMS marketing can help your business

1. Use SMS for product promotion

SMS can be used to promote your products. Whether it is a new product you are launching or wanting to promote an existing product, you can use SMS for this. You can create a text message with details of the product you are offering and its benefits. You need to create this content in such a way that is accommodated within 140 characters. Your SMS can have a link to your website where more details of the product can be found. You can even provide a keyword and asks your customers to reply using the keyword. You can then send more details once you receive this keyword. You can also use MMS or multimedia messaging to increase the effectiveness of your message. Adding photographs or videos of the products can make your promotion more effective.

2. Provide offers to customers

Most customers would love to get a promotional offer. An offer could be reduced price for the product as a discount or an offer like buy one get one free or buy one and get another at half-price, etc. These offers are attractive and can motivate your customer to shop and make a purchase. When you send a message with such an offer, the customer is more likely to visit your store. This is a good way whereby you can not only promote the sale of a particular product but can expect sales from other products. If you have an online store, you can provide a link to the online store where they can redeem the offer. Else, you can ask the customer to visit the store and show the SMS to the cashier to get an offer.

3. Send personalized messages

SMS messages can be sent as a text blast where one message can be sent to thousands of customers. While this is convenient for you, a customer may feel such a message is spammy. To create a better impact, you can personalize the message. This is easy when you use SMS software. You can add the customer’s name or other details so the customer feels the message is meant specifically for them.

4. Get feedback

Feedback is important. It helps you know if the customer is happy and lets you identify areas for improvement. Feedback from customers can be used to promote your brand. Getting feedback is now easy through SMS. You can send an SMS with your feedback question and the customer can reply with a keyword or by indicating a number (rating).

5. Send alerts

Alerts and notifications can be sent easily using SMS. Reminders on payments or fees due, reminders on renewal of maintenance contract, etc. can be sent through SMS. Also notifications whenever a product is purchased and a message with the status of the product delivery can be sent using SMS.

The 5 strategies mentioned in this article are ways by which SMS marketing can help boost your business. These strategies are simple and easy to implement. All you need is SMS marketing software and a database of customers. You can start implementing these strategies today and ensure a boost to your business.

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