5 Ways SMS Marketing Helps To Boost Your Business

SMS or short message services are the most utilizable things; the present trend of sending customers personalized messages has won the hearts of many. Well, as a business owner you might think it’s costing a lot, but think deeply, it will help you boost your business a lot. Discussed below are the five main ways that help to boost your business once you have started relying on them.

1. Sending irresistible offers to customers:

Irrespective of the business you have, you can always send promotional offers to your customers. This occurs irrespective of the service industry or maybe products. Whenever a festive season approaches, then you can offer some exclusive offers, say a discount on the purchase of a particular product. In this case, you may send SMS to different recipients using links. This will facilitate the sales and enhance good views of the products. The best part is that you will get more data on sales, conversions, and also an insight that allows you to realize how users interact with your site.

2. Promotion of new products or services:

Whenever you have launched a new product, you can do the promotions by mobile. While you include the link in your mobile, you are actually asking the followers to direct you to the website. Now, a study, its revealed that almost 58% of the users reach the website only through the use of mobile links. The website has direct access to all social media and thus the increase in the number of followers occurs. Well, you must ask your followers to subscribe and finally share the link; this will lead to an increase in followers.

3. Gathering feedback:

SMS marketing plays a valuable role in gathering feedback from the audience. Well, most of the websites are furnished with a system that asks for feedback from the customer. While you receive feedback that says about the payment gateway which was not working while the customer wanted to punch his card that would give you the understanding to improve the tech support to your website and the payment gateway, especially. Well, every website is furnished with a feedback counter and you get a rating from 1-5 depending on the customer experience. SMS is an easy way to interact with users.

4. Enhancing rapport by sending personalized messages:

Your clients are basically your assets. So you have to maintain the database of your clients cautiously. Once you have maintained a database, you can send them good thoughts on their birthdays and anniversaries. You can ask for their feedback upon purchasing a particular product. SMS provides a personalized experience rather than a general one.

5. Sending reminders:

You can make an arrangement of sending reminders and messages to your esteemed client whenever a new offer, discount, or product arrives. This is very much applicable in the case of garment business, household items, decorative items, or maybe specialty food items. By sending reminders, you are actually getting in close touch with the client who would reply on the other hand feeling this is a personal gesture. Personalized messages always make a difference and setting reminders often give a boost to business.

The main reason that sums up why people have shifted trusting SMS services are explained as follows:

• They are delivered faster and are always seen by the user.

• They are much more dependable compared to sending Email .

• SMS is versatile and doesn’t require the use of the internet since they are independent of such networks.

• SMS is known to offer much more privacy to the user. Unlike any other digital message, their privacy cannot be stolen.

• SMS is easily integrated while you use an API. The website can be enabled and can have an easy connection with the customer relationship management platform.

• There is no need to download the SMS application. Unlike an app, this doesn’t need an internet connection but is accessible to all whoever uses a mobile phone.

• According to a survey, it’s seen that almost 98% of the SMS are read and responded to. This is quite contrary to a digital platform that is not always responded to by the users.

• SMS is simple to use and you can even include a link to it that leads to a website. So this can be used and opened by users of any age. A senior citizen doesn’t need to learn it thoroughly as it simple to master.

With the advent of technology, communication has taken a havoc shape and now it knows no bounds. Marketing messages have become simple and the reach to people has increased to a huge extent. The cost to reach potential users is just the minimum. Imagine your product reaching thousands of customers at the click of a button and your website being accessed by many across the globe. SMS has changed the way you advertise and look towards the world.

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