Receive Text Messages as an Email and send Reply as Text Message

Want to receive a text message (SMS) from customers, staff, or prospects in your email? Over eight trillion text messages were sent in 2011. Text messaging still far exceeds email in terms of response rates and is becoming the preferred communication method. You can now receive text messages (SMS) from mobile users in your email box and reply to a text message. The advantage of receiving a text message as email allows you to communicate right from your computer at the same time archive the messages along with your other communication with clients over email. It’s a great tool for The Call centers, Helpdesk, Law firm, insurance agents, mortgage agents, Realtor, etc to be able to unify their communication and provide flexibility to the customer.

Who can use Text To Email?

  • Call center and Help desks
  • With Text messaging is on rising, customers prefer to contact customer service via Text message and currently, there is no way for multi-agent help desk to handle customers text messages or communicate with customers via Text messaging.
  • Most of the call centers or help desk systems such as Remedy, have capabilities to open a ticket via Emails. TxTImpact Text to Email service allows call centers to add Text messaging capabilities seamlessly.
  • Agents response to customer or system generated notification going out to TXTImpact assigned email address will be sent as a text message to customer.


  • Contact centers, Call centers
  • Customer service & Help desks
  • Trucking & Logistics
  • Law firm
  • Insurance agents
  • Mortgage agents
  • Realtors
  • Regulatory compliance (Archive Text messages along with emails)

How Text To Email Service works?

  • Step 1: Signup for the service.
  • Step 2: Configure Text to Email service, select your keyword and texting number and provide help desk email address.

Texting number can be a shared short code with a keyword or a dedicated 10 digit number. We offer dedicated local phone numbers for 26 countries. Now anytime someone text “keyword to texting number. For example “XTHELP I need help with installing XT software on my mac. please call me ASAP” to 27126. The message will be forwarded to designated helpdesk email address and the ticket will be generated.

No Credit Card · No Obligation · No Setup Fees

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