5 Different Methods Gyms Are Using Text Reminders For Fitness Appointments and Scheduling

SMS and text messaging has a wide utilization and used by the gym owners for scheduling appointments and other fitness schedule. You would have different templates and various schedules to work on. The upper body, lower body, cardio, and Pilates’ session would be conducted in various timings.

There are various templates that are used by the gym for scheduling appointments. Let’s see the popular methods of usage.

1. Selecting a template:

There are various templates which are customised and can be used for sending appointment reminder. Common examples are like putting the name, place, time date and then sending by default.

2. Adding personalized tokens:

You can choose some personalized tokens and then add with the message template. This would add value to the messages and user will find it interesting. You can add a bit of information regarding the benefit of each schedule. Each input would make the message much more interesting.

3. Creating and sending dates:

The last phase would be putting the value of dates and timings. After you have decided the date and time you can send the text messages in batches of five or ten.

4. Waiting for confirmation:

Once you have sent the messages, it’s your turn to await confirmation. Once the receiver confirms, then you can schedule the final slot and plan accordingly. Choose a friendly template that can support this act.

5. Mastering the appointment reminder text by using TXTImpact:

The best part is using the TXTImpa method and being a master into it. The style of sending short text would be appreciated and rewarded as it takes smaller space.

There are various other ways by which SMS or text messaging can help communicate with the gym members.

1. Membership renewals:

SMS has a wide deal of application and members of health club and gym prefer to receive such personalized messages. Whenever the membership tends to come to an end, the member would be looking for another one. In this time, if he receives a personalized message from the owners of the health club, he would be feeling motivated. Such SMS and text message would help retain membership and anything more that would be of interest to the existing member.

2. Offers and promotions:

While there are some good offers going on for the health club, you can send that to the prospective member. You can bring your friend to the gym while she gets a convenient offer. Even as per the promotional offer goes, you can bring your friend for a day or so; she can opt for the various facilities and the decide whether to continue with the health club or not. Disseminating information of the promotional offers are quite useful and brings an interpersonal effect.

3. Personalizing the Member’s

experience:Whenever any member has visited the health club or gym, he would like to share his experience with others and even suggest some improvement, if any. Whenever he gets any message from the gym management, it’s a feel good factor for him. Users would be happy to share any experience in person. This is the area when gym users would love to put inputs via mobile and see the changes as per their suggestion.

4. Birthday rewards:

When a health club member celebrates his/her special day like birthday or anniversary he would be elated to receive messages from any organization he visits on a regular basis. Say, it could come from the health club he visits regularly, that would be a great impression and he would feel being attached to the place. Wishes on special days are really meaningful.

5. Member surveys and feedback:

Suppose you are a Gym goes on a regular basis, and want to share your experience, then your feedback would be very much appreciated by the health club committee. In fact, as a gym owner, you can send links to your clients, where they can indicate in terms of ratings, reviews and benchmark the quality of service. Well, this is one of the most popular services that is used by means of text messages and SMS.

There are various benefits of text message marketing for the fitness centre, as observed. Text messaging can be rated above any other methods like E-mail marketing or digital messaging.

1. Good engagement rate:

SMS or text messaging ensures good engagement rate and is an interactive method between the user and the sender.

2. Boosting membership:

You can send text messaging services in order to boost membership. It’s easy to attract new members in this method.

3. Trackable data:

You are sending to various contact numbers which are actually tracked and time noted meticulously. This would lead to a good data management system and that can be tracked overall.

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