How to Improve Your Business Text Message Writing Skills

How to Improve Your Business Text Message Writing Skills

Business text message writing plays a vital role in business promotional activities and in extending the business network. Business Text messaging has become part of business strategy. when used in the most polished manner.

Let us discuss the useful techniques to improvise the business text messages that play a pivotal role in running the business successfully.

1. Simple & Straightforward messaging

The messages should be written in limited words but using most meaningful words. The total number of words in a message should be less than 160 and are written in a single paragraph. If the message is bigger in size then make it in two paragraphs only.

2. Add personal touch

The online text message is sent to a person, the message should have a personal touch. The message should be more direct and addresses personally to the receiver. Make use of the first name while referring to a person and ask about personal matters close to the person. It has a positive impact on the mind of the receiver of the message.

3. Messages with meaning

The person to whom you want to send a message should always find the message meaningful. It should have interesting facts relating to business. The message can be about the performance of a person or about his achievements in recent business enterprises.

4. Follow up is required

The business text messages are more popular among people than emails. Shortcode text messages make the interactions interesting. It is necessary to follow up and to keep in touch with a person to keep sending messages and reminders occasionally. It helps in making new business plans or deals.

5. Share interesting business facts

While dealing with customers and sending the messages regarding some business deal, make sure that your message includes interesting business facts and figures. Even you can use other techniques like images, presentations and voice messages. It makes the interaction interesting.

6. Check twice before you send messages

Consider that every message you send is an important deal that you make with a customer. Stop making mistakes. It is important to avoid making any silly mistakes in messages. Make use of spell check and grammar check before you finally decide to send the text message.

7. Schedule time for sending messages

Text messages are opened frequently than emails. So make sure that your business text messages should go at a time when message boxes are opened. It helps in getting immediate replies too. Normally the messages sent in the morning time have a higher frequency of reading and replying.

8. Never spam:

Never send repeated messages to the customers. Messages sent frequently are marked as spam and customer starts avoiding it completely. Even most people ignore spam messages. Make sure that you send business text messaging but not repeatedly lose a better business deal. Do not spoil the fun by unnecessary repeating messages.

9. Understand customers better:

The messages and the replays from the customers are very important for further business deals. Before you send text messages, first read and understand the customer replies and the requirements. The business interactions should be two-way for better business prospects.

10. Keep reminding your brand

While sending business-related messages to the customers and other people relating to business, make sure that you refer to your business brand and you mention it in the business messages. You should always remind your customers about your brand and the high-quality services that you offer. It will have a longer impact on your business.


The text to email can build your business or it can spoil your business. The purpose of the Business Text messaging is very important, so follow the above-given tips to make it more effective and improve your text message writing skills.

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