Text-2-Win Video Tutorial

The goal of a text-to-win is not only to collect mobile numbers but to also increase brand loyalty. Campaigns are most effective when they provide a good reason to play along.

Transcript: Text-to-Win Tutorial video

Steps to Set Up a Text-to-Win Campaign:

  1. Login:

    • Sign in to your dashboard with your credentials.
  2. Access Campaigns:

    • Click on "Campaigns" from the dashboard.
  3. Start a New Campaign:

    • Hit the plus button to create a new campaign.
  4. Choose Text-to-Win:

    • Select "Text to Win" from the options.
  5. Campaign Setup:

    • Choose a relevant keyword for users to text.
      • The keyword must be at least four characters long for contest entry.
    • Give your contest a meaningful name.
    • Set the start and end dates and times for the contest.
    • Optionally, select "Instant Win" if desired.
    • Specify win odds and the maximum number of winners.
    • Decide if users can re-enter the contest and set reentry duration.
  6. Customize Responses:

    • Edit the winner response and include features like MMS, click-through URLs, or mobile coupons.
    • Customize loser and other response messages as needed.
  7. Save Your Campaign:

    • Don't forget to click "Save" to preserve your campaign settings.
  8. Distribute Game or Coupon Codes:

    • Include game or coupon codes in winner or entry responses.
    • Upload your own codes or generate mobile coupon codes if necessary.
  9. Test Your Campaign:

    • Test your campaign to ensure it functions correctly.

Note - For additional guidance, watch the tutorial on generating new mobile coupon codes.

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