Text-2-Email Video Tutorial

At times, you may find the need to send a text to someone's email address or receive your incoming texts directly in your email inbox. If you're unsure about how to accomplish these tasks, TXTImpact is here to guide you through the process.

Transcript: Text-to-Email Tutorial video

Steps to Set Up Text to Email:

This video demonstrates how to establish a text to email service, allowing you to receive text messages in your email inbox.

  1. Access Dashboard:

    • Log in to your dashboard and navigate to the "Campaigns" section.
  2. Create a New Campaign:

    • Click on the plus button to initiate a new campaign.
  3. Select Text to Email:

    • Choose "Text to Email" from the campaign options.
  4. Setup Short Code and SMS Account:

    • Select the short code and your SMS account from the dropdown list.
    • Enter a keyword to properly route messages.
  5. Define Keyword:

    • A keyword is a unique word or phrase users can type into the texting number.
    • The keyword must be at least four characters long.
    • Choose whether to forward all messages without a relevant keyword to the provided email address.
  6. Customize Messages:

    • Edit the one-time reply message and add a scheduled autoresponse if desired.
  7. Enter Email Address:

    • Enter the email address where you want to receive the text messages.
    • Optionally, forward messages to a mobile number as well.
  8. Edit Email Template:

    • The email subject and body template are prefilled but can be customized as needed.
  9. Enable Reply from Email:

    • Enable reply from email to respond to messages directly from your email inbox.
  10. Customize Email Content:

    • Utilize "Remove Footer Boundary" and "Text This" options to customize email content.
  11. Save and test Campaign:

    • Click "Save" to save your campaign settings. Verify how the campaign works by sending test messages.

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