Mass-Text-Messaging Video Tutorial

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Transcript: Mass-Text-Messaging Tutorial video

Steps to Get Started with Mass Text Messaging Using SMS Marketing:

  1. Log In to the Dashboard:

    • Access the SMS Marketing dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Create a New List:

    • Navigate to the "Subscribers" section.
    • Click on the plus button to create a new list.
    • Provide a name for the list (for internal reference).
  3. Edit Custom Fields:

    • Before adding contacts, customize your data fields.
    • Click on "Actions" at the top.
    • Select "Update Custom Fields" to edit as needed.
  4. Add Contacts to the List:

    • Click on "Subscribers" and choose the specific list.
    • Click the upload CSV button.
    • Manually enter contacts or import as CSV/Excel files.
    • Ensure proper formatting as per the sample file.
    • Select the file and check the "No Spam Declaration" checkbox.
    • Click "Upload a File" and then "Save" to add contacts.
  5. Send Mass Text Message:

    • Click on the plus new button and select "New Mass Text."
    • Enter a broadcast name (internal use).
    • Choose recipients (list or manual entry).
    • Type your message and optionally add a click-through URL or tags.
    • Decide to send immediately or schedule for future delivery.
  6. Send MMS Message:

    • Select the MMS option in the text field.
    • Enter the subject text message.
    • Choose the file to send and click "Done."
    • Set the delivery time and proceed to the next step.
  7. Confirm and Review:

    • On the confirmation page, verify broadcast information.
    • Click "Done" if everything is correct.
  8. Check Broadcast Status:

    • To review the status, go to "Broadcast Messages Report."
    • View the status of your broadcast.
    • Pause or restart if needed, especially for pending or scheduled broadcasts.

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