Generate Mobile Coupons - Video Tutorial

Level up your marketing by generating mobile coupons. Effortlessly incorporate links, barcodes, and images in text messages for maximum customer interaction. Drive engagement and boost coupon redemption rates with this innovative feature.

Transcript: Generate Mobile Coupons Tutorial video

Steps to Generate and Distribute Mobile Coupons:

In this video, we'll learn how to generate mobile coupons for campaigns and distribute them through SMS marketing.

  1. Access Dashboard:

    • Log in to your dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Mobile Coupons:

    • Click on "Tools" and select "Mobile Coupons" from the list of options.
  3. Generate Coupons:

    • Choose the campaign from the dropdown list and click "Generate."
    • Enter the number of coupons to generate, coupon type (numeric or alphanumeric), digits in the coupon, and expiration date.
    • Click "Generate" to create your coupons.
  4. View Generated Coupons:

    • To view your coupons, select the campaign and filter by status "New." Click "Search" to see the list of new coupons.
  5. Use Coupons in Campaigns:

    • Go to "Campaigns" and select your campaign.
    • Include the coupon in the opt-in confirmation message by clicking the mobile coupon icon.
    • Select the campaign and click "Insert Coupon."
    • Customize the message as needed and click "Save."
  6. View Assigned Coupons:

    • To view assigned coupons, go to "Mobile Coupons" under "Tools."
    • Select the campaign and filter by status "Assigned." Click "Search" to see the list of assigned coupons.
  7. Broadcast Unique Coupons:

    • Click on the plus button to create a new broadcast.
    • Enter a broadcast name and select the recipients.
    • In the message field, click the mobile coupon icon.
    • Select the campaign and insert the coupon.
    • Choose when to send the message and click "Next."
  8. Review and Send Broadcast:

    • Review the details of the message to be broadcasted.
    • Post codes on social media if desired.
    • Click "Done" to send the unique coupons to users.

Congratulations! You've successfully generated and distributed mobile coupons for your campaign. Each user will receive a unique coupon code via SMS. If you need to validate coupons at your store, watch our video on how to validate coupons at the point of sale (PoS). Thank you for watching.

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