Filter Landline Numbers - Video Tutorial

Optimize your messaging with our "Filter Landline Numbers" feature. Efficiently differentiate between mobile and landline numbers, focusing your SMS outreach on the right audience. Maximize your messaging impact and eliminate wasted efforts with this powerful tool.

Transcript: Filter Landline Numbers Tutorial video

Steps to Filter Landline Numbers from Contact Lists:

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to filter landline numbers from your list of contacts, ensuring that only mobile numbers remain for text messaging.

  1. Access Dashboard:

    • Log in to your dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Contacts:

    • Click on "Subscribers" to access your contacts.
  3. Select Filter Option:

    • Click on the "Contacts" button and choose "Filter Landline Numbers" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Create New Filter Request:

    • Click on "New Filter Request" to initiate the process.
    • Browse for the Excel or CSV file containing your contact list. Ensure the file format complies with our specifications.
  5. Upload File:

    • Select the CSV file with your contacts and click "Next" to import the data.
    • Once imported, click "Next" again.
  6. Submit Filter Request:

    • Click "Save" to submit the filter request.
  7. Check Request Status:

    • To monitor the status of your request, click on "Back to Landline Filter."
  8. Export Filtered Numbers:

    • Once the filtering process is complete, export the filtered mobile numbers to a CSV file by clicking the "Export" button.
  9. Add Contacts to Subscription List:

    • Optionally, you can add the filtered contacts directly to a subscription list by clicking "Add to Subscription List."
    • Select the desired list from the dropdown menu and click "Save" to confirm.
  10. Confirmation:

    • Your contacts have been successfully filtered and added to the selected campaign or list.
  11. View Newly Added Contacts:

    • To verify the addition of new contacts, navigate to "Subscribers" and select the relevant list to view the updated contacts.

You've successfully filtered landline numbers from your contact list, ensuring compliance and effective targeting for your SMS marketing campaigns.

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