Why QR Codes & Text Messaging are Important For Small Businesses

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A QR (Quick Response) code is a kind of barcode that provides additional information when scanned through the mobile camera. It was first used in Japan in 1994 and is now famous around the world. From accessing product details to making payments, the QR code can be used in different ways. The QR codes are pretty much a part of everyday life in East and South Asian countries like Singapore, India, etc.

A text message is a simple way to communicate with another person. Though people send text messages from one mobile phone to another, businesses can send text messages from landlines, browsers, etc.

QR codes and text messages have been ruling the markets in recent times. While many leading brands use them for marketing and promotions, QR code and text messages are just as important for small establishments. In fact, small businesses need to use these techniques even more effectively to make an impact and withstand competition.

Why Use QR Code

Run Loyalty Programs

Customers love rewards. Give them a QR code to opt-in for loyalty programs, customize their accounts, and so on. Wouldn’t a customer love it if they earned rewards points by scanning a QR code?

Faster Payments

Many payment apps allow you to send money simply by scanning the QR code. Every app user can generate a QR code and share it with others to receive money. Just display the QR code near the PoS and ask customers to pay through the app.

Increase Website Traffic

An easy way to increase website traffic is by generating a QR code for it and sharing it on social media, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. People interested to know more don’t have to remember the website address or even the business name.

Interactive Printed Materials

A QR code makes printed material fun. People who find a QR code on your promotional pamphlet will scan the code to see where it takes them and what additional information it will provide.

Why Use Text Marketing

Streamline Communication

Text messaging allows small businesses to directly communicate with customers. Many studies revealed that people prefer to receive a text message from a business rather than a call. Moreover, a majority of text messages are opened within the first three minutes after receiving them.

Wider Reach

Since even the most basic mobile phone allows text messages, you have a better chance of reaching more audiences. Also, more people open and read text messages compared to emails.


Companies like TXTImpact offer business text messaging and marketing services for businesses from different industries. SMS marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to reach out to customers. You can select a plan that suits the budget and business requirements.


You don’t have to use your precious time spending text messages to customers. The software will take care of it once you compose the message, set parameters for personalization, and schedule the date and time to send the messages to the selected phone numbers.

Common Reasons to use QR Code and Text Marketing


Statista shows that there are expected to be about 301.65 million smartphone users in the US. This number is said to touch 311.53 million by 2025. QR codes and text messages are mobile-friendly services in such a scenario and create great mobile marketing opportunities for small businesses. With nearly everyone owning a mobile phone, which further increases the chances of reaching out to a large group.

Easy to Use

Not everyone who owns a mobile phone is tech-savvy. Luckily, these two features are easy to learn and use in daily life with a little practice. There are no complex steps or commands, and thus can help a business cover customers of different age groups. Even if some customers don’t know how to respond to a text message, they will read your SMS and contact you in another way (phone call or visit the store).

Creativity and Uniqueness

The novelty factor hasn’t worn off yet for QR codes, while text messages can be creative and attractive with images and videos. You can use your creativity to promote small businesses using QR codes and text messages. Customers enjoy a touch of creativity, innovation, and humor from brands.

Makes Marketing Simpler

Though text message marketing is gaining popularity, only 39% of businesses use this method. This gives small businesses enough space to establish their presence in the market and increase brand value. Instead of trying too many marketing strategies and spending beyond the budget, small businesses will find it effective to use QR codes and SMS marketing to run promotional campaigns. It’s also easier to track and analyze the campaigns through these methods.

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