What Happens If You Text a Landline

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Can you send a text message to a landline? How will the receiver get your message? Mobile carriers offer a complicated service of converting the text message to a voice message and reading it to the receiver.

Businesses cannot afford to work with such a confusing system. You need comprehensive software that allows them to read and respond to customer messages sent to their landline numbers.

Landline texting is where you allow your customers to message you on a landline number and respond to it from the same number. The messages will reach your business email and can be accessed from a computer, laptop, or smartphone. You can have the same number for voice calls and messages instead of multiple numbers to stay in touch with customers.

When you text a landline without using a text-to-landline service, what happens?

Let’s suppose that you use only your landline to communicate with customers. You haven’t used special software or API to use the landline number for business texting. So when a customer sends your landline number a text message, the carrier will check if your number is eligible for the text-to-landline service.

If yes, the text message will be recorded at the carrier’s end in a female voice. They will then make a service call to your landline number to read the text message aloud. Texting acronyms and emojis are read in their full form.

In short, the carrier converts the text message to a recorded voice message and plays it aloud as a service call. This doesn’t really serve the purpose of getting a text message. Moreover, you cannot respond to this message by sending a text. It’s inconvenient, complicated, and messy.

But what if you haven’t enabled the text-to-landline service? You won’t even know that a customer texted your landline number until they inform you. The message is lost forever.

How does TXTImpact work with landlines?

Let's see what happens when you use TXTImpact's Landline Texting service. Your business landline number is integrated with our software. Your email id is also linked to your account.

When a customer sends you a text message to the landline, it reaches your business inbox as a text message. The TXTImpact interface allows the message to retain its original format and displays the same at your end. You can view the message through the web browser or the mobile app.

Then, you can respond to the text message from the same interface. Your message will be sent to the customers as a text reply. You can seamlessly chat with your customer and get the issue sorted without any hassle.

There’s no need to change your business contact number or ask customers to save two different numbers to reach you. Statistics show that more than 60% of customers prefer a single contact number for a business.

TXTImpact removes barriers between you and the customers to allow seamless communication. We also offer you a toll-free number for voice calls and messages.

Text to Landline Features Explained

Our landing texting software helps you save time, money, and resources while creating a smooth and hassle-free communication system with the customers.

▪ Allows two-way text messaging

▪ Retain your landline/ VoIP number

▪ Automate replies to common queries

▪ Schedule messages in bulk

▪ Use the same number for voice calls and texting

▪ Reply to messages from a browser or mobile app

Who Should Use Text-to-Landline Services?

· Finance

Customers can check their bank account balance just by texting your number. We’ll set up an automated response by linking the software to your database. Why ask customers to come to the bank for minor tasks when you can serve them through text messages? Streamline banking and finances services with our software.

· Restaurants

Set up an automated system to make reservations, cancel orders, share menus, and accept takeaway orders through text messages. You can serve more customers faster through text messages. We will integrate your existing CRM system with our software and set up keywords to facilitate orders via text messages.

· Retails

Why rely on the internet to track an order when you can respond to customers’ queries through text messages? The customers will text you the order ID, and you respond with the details. Automate the process using our software so that you don’t have to spend time replying to every message.

· Medical Offices

Share updates about test reports, prescriptions, medicines, etc., using text messages so that patients and their family members don’t have to call/ visit for more information. Accept recurring prescription orders through messages and send the deliveries to their address or inform the patient when the order is ready.

· Enterprises

A majority of customers prefer to text a business when they want to know more about a product/service. Respond and chat with potential and troubleshoot customers’ problems by interacting through text messages. The customer support team can resolve more tickets when they communicate through text messages. Automate replies for FAQs.

· University

Provide students with information about the syllabus, curriculum, timetable, faculty, and more. Send automated reminders to students about their classes, fees, etc. Share links to download projects and send updates about Holidays or campus events. Respond to student queries by integrating the software with the student and teacher databases.

How to Text From a Landline

You need to enable landline texting through our software to send text messages from your landline number. There’s no need to get a new number. We’ll set up our software to work with your existing landline (or VoIP) number so that it doesn’t affect your existing business prospects.

The TXTImpact software is versatile and user-friendly. It lets you to read and respond to texts from any device connected to the internet. Respond when on the go through the mobile app and remain in touch with your customers 24*7.

Benefits of Text-to-Landline Numbers

✓ Increase customer loyalty

✓ Send an immediate response to customer messages

✓ Streamline the customer dashboard services

✓ Need to share your personal number with customers

✓ No confusion between different contact numbers

✓ Maintain consistent and effective communication

✓ Instant gratification

TXTImpact is Your Answer to Landing Texting

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