Text Message Marketing For Real Estate Marketing

TXTImpact offers a simplistic web-based text messaging Marketing Software that allows real estate agents and customers to interact in a more intimate fashion than what the market previously allowed. Although the housing bubble burst in 2008 and most so-called experts wouldn’t be caught dead attempting to sell real estate, most successful agents are savvy enough to realize that there’s money to be made in any market. You only have to offer potential homebuyers what they’re looking for. Thanks to TXTImpact and their new SMS Marketing service for real estate, people shopping for homes now have instant, enticing information available. Real Estate can be a very tricky business. There are only so many ways to communicate with a buyer. A picture of a house is posted in a circular somewhere, and if a home buyer is interested in shopping homes, they call you, ask for details, and you might get lucky enough to take them out looking at homes in person. And in the rare instance, you finally land a legitimate buyer. How many prospects look at your properties every day, but never contact you? How many take flyers but never call?

With the TXTImpact service, you can have buyers in the palm of your hand. By offering them on the spot details and photos of the Place. They will get back to you. The home buyer sends in a simple text message, and then TXTImpact service instantly sends photos, pricing, and Additional information directly to their mobile phone! The most important thing is that, TXTImpact sends you, the real estate agent, the phone # of the prospect while they are still in front of the house With this new text messaging service, however, you have a new, fresh approach to giving home buyers details about the property.Real estate agent put texting enabled yard sign or Rider in front of the house. That’s it! As prospective buyer’s text in for information, there phone # is sent right to your mobile phone or email. When the property is sold, simply reuse the codes. You can send out new photos and other interactive materials, details about the area, up-to-the-minute pricing changes, and so much more. Whenever a buyer wants to know about a particular property, as long as they’re a member of your network, you can send them a wide range of materials. This intimate one-on-one setting makes the homebuyer feel like an important part of the real estate process. Instead of homes just sitting there collecting dust, your listing can go viral and reach many people through SMS marketing approach. For the savvy real estate business out there looking to offer their customers much more than the ordinary, TXTImpact’s real estate SMS Marketing package is a great step in the right direction.

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