Text Message Marketing For Law Firm

For big law houses, a huge number of messages have to be sent to the customers on a daily basis. This is a part of professional ethics and a way to maintain the intricacies of business, all for the right going. There are many reasons why text messaging is considered the most recommended way to communicate.

Convenient: SMS or text message is convenient. If you want to communicate with the clients of your law firm, then text message marketing is granted as the best option. This is considered the most convenient category of communication. If you have a large law firm, you must be wondering how to make sure your appointment with the client is fixed. Text messaging is far more a better option than calling or digital messaging.

Reliable: Most of the messages are generic. If you want to send marketing communication messages, SMS marketing is the most reliable as it makes sure the message reaches the right person and no other. You must be having a plethora of clients who desires you to communicate with them on a regular basis. E-mail or phone might not be accessible at every nook and corner of the globe, hence SMS marketing is the best way.

Accessible: Wherever your client might be, he will receive your business texting. He might not necessarily be within the best possible network, but will always be at the recipient end of your message. For digital messages or email e-mail messages, he has to be within the WIFI network to receiving messages.

Cheap: SMS, when sent in bulk, is cheap if you can take the best possible package. Say, if you have ten thousand customers, the call will be an expensive task. You may buy the best quality business texting software and start sending messages to your customers. For law firms, it’s an easy deal to buy such software and then utilize it for sending messages for appointment confirmation.

Totally Personal: Once your customer receives the text message, it’s delivered to him, only and that maintains certain privacy. Nobody else can see his messages. This means the message is personal and cannot be retrieved or pulled by anybody else.

Global Reach: SMS has a global reach irrespective of the geographical position you are. Once you switch on the mobile, you catch the local network and then avail the messages being sent. Well, for any other digital service, mobile data might be a big issue and the WIFI network is not available everywhere. So, you see that business texting facility has a global outreach, and messages can safely be delivered to any point.

How is business texting used for the client by a law firm? There are huge applications of text messaging in the case of a law firm. There are personalized services, hence text messaging is very significant.

Confirm appointments: Text messaging has wide usage while you want to confirm appointments. Statistics say that 90% of the messages are read within 20 seconds of reaching the message box. So, there is no other method of confirming appointments other than text messaging.

Answer client questions: When there are some specific questions the lawyer wants to answer, he can communicate with his client by text messaging. This is scripted and also secure.

Providing updates of cases: Text messages find wide use while you want to update your client about the specific updates in his case. Email messages take time to be read but you can provide details there. By virtue of text messages, the short update could be sent to your phone.

Sending appointments and document reminders: Test messages are sent to the client’s phone so that he could be reminded of the documents to be carried and also other specifications. Text messages being handy, are used to deliver information safely.

Being compliant: By text messaging, a law firm will learn to stay compliant with federal and local regulations. A law firm that uses text-messaging will ensure the following.

•There will be no mistakes or might be the tendency to make mistakes will be reduced.

•The text messages will be automatically logged.

Prevent leakage of the bill: The top business management platforms connect with several case management systems. The messages of lawyers and administrators are automatically logged in with a case management system that includes time stamps.

Automate client intake forms: Client intake forms are systematic records that contain information about individuals. While you get an inquiry from a new client, his details get recorded in the form of client intake forms.

Send timely notifications: While a client takes an average of 1-2 hours to answer mail, he would take only 90 seconds to answer text messages. That’s why text messages are considered quick and effective.

A professional law firm has restricted access to a client’s messages. When a lawyer leaves the firm, it’s less likely that he can access the client’s messages. Considering all corners, it’s less likely that text messages could be leaked. Hence the culture of text messages is the most preferred in the case of law firms.

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