By integrating text marketing, your hotel, motel, or rented out residence can be marketed to the front page of your customer's phone.

Knowing that it can be tough to have a customer choose your business over others, text marketing allows your business the ability to offer the same features, but in a revamped way.

Loyalty Programs and Room Ready Alerts will change the way your customer sees their stay.

Loyalty Programs

What better way to keep customers coming back than the tried and true method of a loyalty program? While this method is not anything new, incorporating the other features will enhance and reinvigorate this method of customer retention.

By sending coupons to a customer's phone, you are nearly guaranteeing that your coupon will be read and acknowledged by the customer.

That is far more than can be said for any other form of marketing.


You can also send link (as is in the example) which will make it easier for the customer to cash-in the coupon. These links are limited so you can send the customer to any web page that might turn them into a customer for life

Room Ready Alerts

Room Ready Alerts will make checking-in extremely simple for your customer. Rather than waiting and not knowing when their room will be ready, the customer will be alerted by an attendant.


This will introduce a convenience factor that trumps all other forms of communication.

As it is integrated into your system, you will find that it will eventually become a vital part of your hotel, motel, or renting service.

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