SMS Marketing Strategies for Valentine's Day 2021

Valentine's Day is an annual eventful day for celebrating friendship, admiration, and romantic love. On this day, sending love messages or special cards made beautifully by the sender become popular among people for expressing their affection towards each other. With the development of technology, sending SMS on the day of valentine has become a common practice.

There are some occasions that occur yearly once, which can be the best opportunity for increasing your business revenue. A special occasion like Valentine’s Day is one where customers visit shops to buy gifts for their special one, whether it is online or offline, and SMS marketing strategy helps in approaching and informing the customers about your product and offers.

For best results, strategies in place help in SMS marketing. Choosing the perfect time is important for promoting products, and Valentine’s Day is one of such days in a year. Valentine's Day is the right time to show the power of SMS marketing. Regular and loyal customers can also be helpful in promotions where they can help in promoting the brand among their friends and family.

SMS Marketing Strategies

Text messaging is the best marketing option for text marketing and customer services promotions. And also help in improving communication with customers along with the internal staff. Text messaging is the best way to reach customers with your brand, but the strategy is required as all other competitors also try to approach this method. There are different text messaging approaches in which one can choose the one they like.

For sending SMS, have contact details of your customers so collect phone numbers or contact details of your regular customers beforehand.

Highlight the luring prices, designs through SMS

Offering products with tempting prices and services will attract more customers. The quickest and easiest way to bring out more attention from customers is to offer the best and attractive prices and offers on products with beautiful text and colors like taking this as an opportunity to group all the products into different categories and put them for sale with attracting names.

Text with a feel of personal touch

While messaging, use more intimate messages that should make customers feel, the message is sent one on one to them. The emotional approach will help you in gaining more loyalty toward your products. First, you should grab the attention of your customer to make it more non-intrusive.

Use special releases with limited quantity and the message should be in such a way that it is the last-minute reminders that make customers feel they shouldn't miss on that product.

SMS marketing at the right time

Early planning is the need of the hour so that business owners shouldn't miss the right time for selling their goods. Some customers make purchases beforehand when they get time like weekends as they are busy with their duties on weekdays, so take this as an opportunity for increasing sales by starting your SMS marketing earlier.

SMS special day theme products

Choose some loyal customers from your regular customers and give them special discounts on Valentine’s Day with Valentine’s Day themed products or special product categories of your products. This will help increase customer loyalty and also attract more customers as they share their winning in their groups.

Use SMS templates

Different templates are available to create Valentine day themed SMS, so choose templates more carefully. While choosing don't focus your message for couples but also for customers who show their admiration and love towards friends, families, and even their pets.

Partnership to cross-sell

The partnership is also an excellent strategy where you can promote your products while teaming up with another store where each other’s products promote sales, among each other’s audiences. It will double the audience for your brand, which will double the amount of potential revenue.

SMS broadcasting can also help in cascading your marketing message to all our customers at once, by selecting the target customer list properly to send out the SMS messages. Besides, it helps in saving time, as the marketing message reaches all potential customers at once.

SMS acknowledge loyalty with rewards

Use regular and loyal customers for marketing your product. Give your customers bonuses, gift referral points, gifts, bonuses, or discounts for sharing details about your product and offers with their families and friends.

You can also conduct contests, surveys, SMS polling to know more about your customers which help in planning further.

There are different methods you can use for SMS marketing strategies, but it should be chosen based on your product or services. We should create content carefully putting customers in mind.


SMS is a great tool for building and improving customer relationships and also a good channel for sales-oriented communication. People will start looking for special gifts for their special ones, and SMS marketing can be a tool to reach such customers and inform them about your product sales or events. People buy more things during occasions such as New Year, Christmas, or Valentine’s day. Indeed, the best time to approach active customers to promote your product among more people. Making plans accordingly from ahead of time and moving forward according to the plans which help in approaching more customers and increases your sales.

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