SMS marketing is not practical for small business?

SMS marketing is not practical for small business?

I like to share a blog posted on Mobile Marketing watch by Derek Johnson of Tatango. As per Tatango, SMS marketing isn’t practical for small businesses. Well, we don’t agree with him on this. It looks like Tatango has failed to understand the power of 160 characters and under estimating power of SMS marketing for small business.

SMS marketing is a most economical and generates maximum ROI without having to break the bank. We still stand by SMS marketing for small businesses because we see a positive side of it. SMS marketing is an another channel for customers to reach businesses, it’s direct and instant. It generates leads 24×7 even when business is closed. Customer doesn’t need to pickup a phone right in middle of a meeting or may be don’t feel like chatting to a voice mail. SMS marketing or text messaging for business is as important as a phone line, email or a website.

Small business doesn’t need thousand of dollars to start or run a SMS marketing campaign. You don’t need to spend dedicated dollars to promote SMS marketing efforts. All you need is to use your existing advertising resources and add a simple call to action. “TEXT (keyword) to 27126 to receive coupons or more information”. Add this on your visiting card or a yard sign, table tent, a sign in store, may be a Ad in a local newspaper. This allow customers not only opt-in to receive future promotions but for many businesses this just generates a lead.

For example, Driveway sealers can add a call to action “TEXT SEAL to 27126 to contact us right now and receive 10% off” on their yard-signs. People driving by newly sealed driveway late evening hours coming back from work can simply text to contact. This will simply generate more leads because people might send text instead of calling at 7 PM or later (assuming business might be closed) and then next morning they just forget.

I recently published a blog on this.. read more at /blog/sms-marketing-ideas-to-promote-your-campaign/

We at TXTImpact is standing by to help you succeed, call us right now at 1-800-605-0280 to discuss your requirements. We don’t have sale people, we just have solution advisors. If you’re small business and wants to try out SMS marketing, ask for our Free SMS marketing plan for small businesses.