SMS Marketing Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

SMS marketing is one of the popular techniques used by marketers today. The reason for this is the fact SMS or text messaging is one of the best options for communicating with customers. In today’s competitive world, a business that needs to get ahead needs to engage better with its customers. SMS marketing helps in engaging with customers in an effective way. This is why many businesses have widely adopted SMS marketing. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that SMS marketing has today become crucial for your business.

The following are the various reasons why SMS marketing has become so crucial for businesses.

1) SMS has a better chance of reaching customers

When you send e-mails, junk filters may send them to the junk box. If you send letters by post, it is considered marketing literature and may be ignored. If you do telemarketing and call customers, many find it to be intrusive and they may not respond well. In such a scenario, SMS marketing plays a very crucial role. It ensures the message you want to communicate to the customer reaches and has a great chance of being read. Statistics show that 96% of all SMS are read within 3 minutes of receipt. This makes SMS a great choice for marketing.

2) It is mobile

SMS is meant for mobile phones. Any type of mobile phone can be used to send and receive text messages. It is not necessary that a user should have a smartphone. There is no requirement for even internet connectivity. The only thing needed is network coverage. The message you send will reach the customer immediately wherever they are. An average person checks their mobile phone 150 times a day. This makes using SMS to send marketing messages a good option.

3) Customers prefer SMS

One of the biggest reasons why you should use SMS is that customers like it. Studies show that 86% of customers prefer text messages from marketers. Unlike telephonic calls, SMS is not intrusive. A customer can check messages and even reply to them while doing their regular work at the office or at home. They can read the message whenever they want and reply whenever they want. SMS by marketers allows customers to reply to get more information. Many customers prefer this since they can get information immediately without having to search for it online or offline.

4) It has a high response rate

Any form of marketing requires time, effort, and money. When you use these resources, you will expect returns in the form of a response. Compared to other forms of marketing, SMS marketing has a high response rate. Studies have shown that it has a response rate of around 46%. This means nearly half the messages you send are likely to yield a response. This is good news for marketers who can use SMS to generate leads so they can increase their sales.

5) It is reliable

SMS is reliable. It is a system being followed for many years. The message travels over the mobile network and would reach instantaneously. You can rely on SMS. When you send an SMS, it would definitely reach the recipient. You can even get a response to know if the customer has received it or not.

6) SMS can be tracked

When you send an SMS, the software you use can help you track the effectiveness of your SMS campaign. Since you spend money, you need to know how effective the reach of your SMS campaign has been. You can even send a link to a website or e-store. The link you send can be used to track how many customers visit your website, how many shops, etc. All this data will help you plan your sales activities in a more effective way.

7) You can use SMS to engage with customers

This is the biggest reason why SMS marketing is crucial. It helps you engage with customers and you can do it quickly, easily, and at minimum costs. Customers can be given an option to reply to messages using a keyword. You can then configure your software to send information automatically. You can even interact with customers over SMS. You can provide service to them and even take feedback. SMS helps you to keep in touch with your customers and engage them so you can convert them into loyal customers.

The reasons listed would have helped you understand why SMS marketing is so important in today’s world. When you use SMS marketing, you get to engage better with customers, improving the chances of making a sale. SMS marketing is easy to implement. You need a database of customers and can subscribe to SMS marketing software. You can start SMS today to boost your business and help it grow well.

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