SMS Marketing For Advertisers

SMS marketing, a text messaging service for advertisers, provides marketers with a fantastic way to keep in close contact with their customers via print ads, TV, radio, and more. It’s tough to make it in business no matter what type of business you’re operating. The statistics are rather frightening. Over 85% of all businesses fail. And this isn’t because people set out to sell bad products that nobody wants. It’s more to do with the fact that there is so much competition. Only the best-known, heavily advertised companies are capable of building a brand, and only a successful brand reaches long-term, sustained success. For anyone needing to advertise their business, TXTImpact has released their SMS Marketing text messaging service for advertisers out there. Whether your company is big or small, local or global, this SMS marketing approach is a surefire winner when used correctly.

Say that you print weekly ads in a popular newspaper. You cannot achieve very much with the space allotted. You’re usually only putting forth a catchy tagline and some details to entice people, and then you attach your business’s number and/or location.

That’s the traditional advertisement.

With a text messaging service, though, you can list your text number with an ad that says something to the extent of “Find out today’s biggest deals.” And when someone texts you, you can respond with the in-depth information needed to lure customers to your business.

Having a text messaging service like this is just easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Customers don’t have to visit your location or wait to speak to a person on the phone. As soon as they text your number, they will receive all the information they need. And what’s better – now they’re part of your network and will receive every ad you decide to send.

It doesn’t only work for print ads, either. You can do the same on local TV by airing your number across the screen, or for a local radio spot. Any way you decide to go here, people deciding to opt-in to your text network allows them to receive ads from you at any place and at any time.

You can send people a wide assortment of custom-tailored information, including but not limited to:
Customer support
Affiliate systems
Offer discounts
Prize entries and drawings
And so much more

Having a service like TXTImpact’s text messaging network allows you to advertise in ways you never thought possible, and on a budget that’s absolutely unbeatable.

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