SMS Marketing & MMS Marketing: Which Is The Most Effective Tool 2021

Marketing has been modified a lot since it started. Every business does marketing to expand their business whether it is a big industry or mid-sized firm or a new start-up. But it is imperative to determine the best marketing strategy as per your business.

Every business is unique and demands a separate marketing strategy. As a start-up, your audience demands special recognition, acknowledging replies from your business. Or you need to send them a promo message and you are unable to do all these things just because you are low at cost.

What if I show you a more cost-friendly and productive way to boost your business. Yes, you heard it right!

Let me tell you in detail.

SMS Marketing and MMS marketing are the most reliable and affordable marketing approaches to raise your business. But people often get confused on whether to use SMS Marketing or use MMS Marketing. Both have their pros and achieve wonders for your business if practiced accurately.

The people who do not know about these marketing tactics, let me explain these terms in detail.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing or you can call it short message service marketing. Through SMS marketing you can send messages to your customers, clients on cell phones. Also, you can send them a promotional code, an update of new products and lots of other things. By using these text message services you can always be in touch with your consumers.

Most prevalent perks of using SMS Marketing

Nowadays people prefer email marketing over SMS marketing. But some business-minded people think that sending messages to consumers, clients adds a personal touch and increases brand reputation.

Have a glimpse at the few benefits of adopting SMS Marketing.

1. Ultra swift delivery

SMS marketing gets the most agile response as compared to other marketing. Usually, people check their cell phones the way they breathe so your text message can be seen within a few minutes or somewhat 3 to 5 minutes.

Suppose you want to do the promotion of sales and have a shortage of time then you can use the flash sales messages and gain a supreme return on investment.

2. High opening rates

Doing email marketing is winning maneuvering but it has few loopholes like when you send an email to someone it directly goes to their email and only business-minded people use their emails constantly. People who do not relate to the IT profession never see their mail or check once upon a time. As a result, the opening rate of emails is quite less.

On the contrary, SMS Marketing has its advantage and the highest opening rates is one of them. As I said earlier people check their mobile phones regularly whether it’s a text message, What’s App, or other chatting platforms. So there are a high amount of possibilities that your message will be seen within a few minutes or most of the time within rare seconds.

As per the study, it is found that in 2018 the SMS opening rates were as high as 98%. On the opposite, email opening rates were only 20% which is quite smaller.

3. Speedy response

On the second point, we have seen that SMS Marketing has the highest opening rates and it eventually tends to get a speedy answer from the customer, client. As per Google, SMS marketing has a response rate of nearly 45%.

Produce appealing and short messages to get great responses from customers and clients. Customers feel valuable when they get messages from the businesses they are investing in.

What is MMS Marketing?

The full form of MMS is a “multimedia messaging service”. As the full form suggests, it involves sending images, audio clips, video messages through SMS to their targeted customers. MMS Marketing is a modified version of traditional SMS marketing.

Pros of using MMS marketing.

1. No need for additional software

MMS Marketing does not require additional software. It operates similarly to SMS Marketing. The way you send the bulk messages through SMS Marketing just like that you can send them MMS by using your SMS platform. You don’t need to create a new opt-in list.

2. Creativity at the highest peak

With MMS Marketing you can be more inventive and by doing so your audience will get good exposure to your brand creativity without downloading an additional app or creating an account.

3. Works on all cell phones

MMS works on all smartphones as well as on keypad phones. So your MMS Marketing can reach every individual. Some tech-savvy people are finding ways to deliver this service on smart vehicles, smart TVs, house phones, and other tech gadgets.

4. Check analytics at an instant

You can see the real-time data on analytics and observe the performance of your campaign. MMS Marketing has huge opening rates just like SMS Marketing. You can identify the messages received and seen by the targeted audience.

Closing time

Are you still reading? If yes, then I must say you got all the points about SMS and MMS Marketing. Now the last point must come to your mind which is the most effective tool?

SMS and MMS Marketing both have their unique and interesting facts. Both are effective without a second thought. Each of them is cost-friendly. So it depends on your targeted audience which marketing tool is beneficial.

If your targeted audience is more likely to see text messages, then you must choose SMS Marketing and if they are interested in visuals, then you know what you need to go for!

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