10 Holiday SMS Ideas to Increase Revenue

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Text message marketing is a great way to connect with your target audiences and keep them updated. Statistics show that most SMS messages are opened within three minutes of receipt. Moreover, close to 98% of US citizens have a mobile phone. Since a text message doesn’t require an internet connection, your campaigns will reach a maximum number of people.

So how do you use holidays to increase your business revenue? What is the best way to reach out to customers about discounts, offers, and sales?

Holiday SMS is the answer. It is an SMS Marketing strategy that relies on the seasonal theme of Holidays to bring customers to your business. However, it is important to know the right way to approach your target audiences using SMS messages. Blatant promotions don’t always work, especially when people are busy with professional and personal stuff.

Let’s look at the ten best holiday SMS ideas to increase business revenue the ride into the next year on a high.

· Seasonal Greetings

Personal holiday greetings will always make people smile. Who doesn’t like being wished for holidays? Instead of sending the same greetings for everyone on your customer list, personalize it with their name or add an emoji, they’ll relate to. It will make the message more personal and cheerful. It’ll also make them think of your business when they are planning their buying lists.

· Tips and Ideas for the Season

Tips are a good way to provide valuable information to customers and remind them of your business. Share tips from your niche and subtlety link them with your business. For example, a restaurant can send SMS tips about ordering Holiday food or storing leftovers for the next day. A flower shop can send tips about the best flowers to buy during the season and ways to make them last longer.

· Location-Based Updates

Segment your target audience based on the location. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple stores in a city or across different states. You can also ask customers to visit the nearby store for special discounts. Are you participating in holiday events and carnivals? Send an SMS to inform your customers about the stall and ask them to drop by.

· Cart-Abandonment Reminders

Cart abandonment is a major cause of trouble for eCommerce businesses. Sometimes, all it takes is an extra nudge to get the customers going through with the purchase. An SMS reminder about the items in their cart is just what is required. They will either complete the sale or clear the cart so that you can add the items back to your inventory. Offer a discount or promo code to ensure that they complete the purchase.

· Post-Purchase Feedback

Customer engagement is important to retain them in the long term. Send customers an SMS message asking for feedback after their purchase. Keep it simple and uncomplicated to get more responses. Setting up two-way communication will allow customers to reply to the message. Many people find this convenient.

· Holiday Discounts & Coupon Codes

Nothing like a special discount to increase sales, isn’t it? People are already on tight budgets, and offering them a way to save some dollars will increase your sales and revenue. Send customers discount vouchers and coupon codes through SMS to redeem at your stores (online or offline).

· MMS (Non-Promotional Images)

MMS messages contain images, GIFs, or short videos. Send greetings, quotes, and cute holiday messages in a visual format to attract customers’ attention. You can keep the tone informal and non-promotional so that people will share your message with their friends.

· Link to the Seasonal Landing Page

Create a landing page exclusively for the holidays. Include information about what you wish to offer during this period. Provide a link to the landing page in an SMS. Your message should make customers open the link and check out what you have to offer. Maintain a consistent tone and keep the message crisp.

· Easy Opt-In Methods

Make it easy for more people to join your subscriber list. Since you cannot send business SMS messages without the receiver’s approval, you need to simplify things for them to join your list. For example, set up an SMS keyword to represent your business. When a person texts you the keyword, it will add their number to your list and send them messages automatically.

· Limited Period Offers

Limited period offers tend to create a sense of urgency in customers. After all, they have to buy before the offer ends. Send time-bound holiday deals through SMS so that it reaches a maximum number of people and allows them to avail of the offer before it expires.

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