Six Home Service Marketing Tips for a Better Customer Experience From TXTImpact

Home service companies are those who offer services for homes that include apartments, bungalows, homes, villas, etc. These companies offer their services to help maintain homes and offer services like plumbing, electric repair, gardening, interior decoration, home cleaning, moving, home security, and other handyman jobs. Home service companies are mostly small firms. There is intense competition and these firms need to work hard to gain customers, retain them, and earn revenue through them. Home service companies need to carry out marketing differently from other companies.

Home service companies would not have a large budget and need to look at cost-effective strategies for marketing. The following are some marketing tips for home service companies.

These tips will help them provide a better customer experience and achieve marketing success.

1) Use Social Media to its Fullest Extent

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are where a home service company can find their potential customers. It is important to establish a presence on social media by opening accounting. Regularly sharing posts with information on services offered, USPs of the service, etc. could help promote the company. Attractively designed social media posts making use of images and videos can be very helpful in making posts viral. This can help in promoting the brand. Whenever customers post comments, the company can engage with the customers by replying to them and offering any clarifications.

2) Work on Referrals from Existing Clients

Word of mouth is the secret of success for marketing. Positive words of appreciation from existing clients can help promote a business in the best possible way. Apart from this, referrals can be taken from existing clients. They can refer neighbors, friends, and relatives who require these services. This is the best way of carrying out marketing. In the home service business, cold calls don’t work well. Visiting a client with a referral from another satisfied client can help produce excellent results.

3) Use Text Marketing to Engage with Customers

Text marketing is a powerful marketing strategy to engage with customers. It makes use of SMS or short message service to send messages to customers. These messages can be sent to any mobile and studies show that 97% of the messages are read within 3 minutes. SMS marketing is highly impactful and can help home service companies to reach out to more people. They can send details of their services, details of offers, and even run marketing campaigns through text messages. This is a great way of reaching out to more people at lesser costs. Keywords can be used so SMS allows you to have two-way communication with customers. You can also offer service to customers through text messaging.

4) Create an Attractive SEO-friendly website

A website is very important for online success. Every home service company needs to have a website that is attractive and can hold the attention of visitors. SEO is important in today’s world. It allows a website to get more visitors by securing it a higher ranking on search engines like Google. A website that is SEO-friendly can get more visitors. These visitors can be then taken as leads and the sales team can work on these leads to convert them to customers. Sharing quality content on the website is a good way to attract visitors.

5) Use Google Ads for Advertising

Advertising helps you reach out to more people. Advertising in newspapers and magazines is very expensive. Online advertising is cost-effective thanks to tools like Google Ads. These ads work on a PPC or pay-per-click basis. Your ad will be displayed to relevant people. You need to pay for the ad only if people click on it. This allows you to save money on marketing expenses. At the same time, you can also ensure that more people see your ads. Once they click on the ad, you can take them to a landing page where you can promote your brand and services.

6) Take Regular Feedback from Clients and Promote It

Home service companies can take feedback from clients. This feedback will help them understand how happy their clients are. It also helps them evaluate what they need to do to improve their services. They can then act on the feedback. Also, details of feedback shared by clients are testimonials for the business. Home service companies can share these testimonials to attract new customers. These testimonials can be shared on the website, through ads, and through SMS marketing. Video testimonials are another great way of making the best use of client feedback.

All the six tips listed above are practical and easy to implement. A home service company would find these tips cost-effective and able to produce results. Implementing these tips can help enhance customer experience while helping in improving business.

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