The Benefits of Sending Delivery Service Text Messages

The Benefits of Sending Delivery Service Text Messages.jpg

The mobile phone is an extension of a person in today’s world. Statistics show that 84% of US households had a smartphone in 2021. Around 98% had a mobile phone in the country. People check their phones multiple times a day and many prefer to receive a text message than a call.

Businesses from different industries in the US market are investing in text message marketing to reach more audiences and improve customer satisfaction. Text messaging is not limited to sending promotional messages to the target audience. The aim is to build a large contact base with customer details and increase business growth.

One way to use text message marketing is to send delivery service messages to customers. It is an effective way to keep customers up to date about their orders and transactions with your business. These can be called transactional messages as well.

What is a Delivery Service Text Message?

A delivery service message is an update sent to customers about their orders. There are types of delivery service messages like:

Order confirmation messages are sent when the customer places an order successfully.

Shipping notification messages are sent when you pack and ship the parcel to the customer.

En route updates are not mandatory but are sent when the package is on the way to its destination. It can include the tentative date of delivery.

Delivery confirmation messages are sent to inform the customer that their order has been delivered to the destination.

Return confirmation messages are sent when a customer returns the package to your address. The message informs them that you have received the parcel.

Benefits of Delivery Service Text Messages

Businesses send delivery service messages to update the customers about their orders and keep them excited about receiving the package. They can also arrange for someone to receive the order if they won’t be available on the date of delivery. Some brands send delivery service updates through email and text messages. You can give your customers an option to choose their choice of the communication channel to send the updates.

Easy Follow-up Services

Delivery updates automate follow-up services. You and your employees don’t have to spend most of your time answering customer queries about their orders. The text messages are sent by the business texting software once you integrate them with your warehousing and CRM systems. Customers won’t feel anxious about their orders or wonder when they’ll receive the packages.

Cost-Effective Communication

Text messaging is one of the most cost-effective communication channels in the market. You don’t have to overspend as delivery messages contain only text (and URLs) instead of images or videos (MMS). Stay in touch with your customers even when you have a limited budget for marketing purposes.

Short and Serves the Purpose

Delivery services messages are short and to the point. Their main purpose is to provide the latest updates/ information to the customer. However, these messages add first-time buyers to your contact database (with consent) and make them a part of your promotional campaigns.

Integrate with Other Marketing Strategies

The biggest advantage of text message marketing is its ease to complement other marketing strategies. Text marketing is often integrated with email marketing to increase the ROI. It works with other digital marketing strategies and increases the conversion rate. You can use delivery service messages for subtle promotions.

Streamline Communication

Communication with customers occurs in multiple channels (online and offline). By sending delivery service text messages, you are choosing SMS messages as your primary communication channel. Customers don’t have to check their emails and other messages to find out more information about their orders.

Enable Contactless Deliveries

Contact deliveries have become common during the pandemic and continue to be adopted as a safe practice. Since the customer will know about the delivery date and time, they can accept the parcel by maintaining social distancing. Contactless deliveries are convenient and safe.

Better Customer Experience

Enhanced customer service will increase customer retention rate and conversion ratio. It will also become easier to attract new customers to your business. You can increase brand credibility by proving yourself as a worthy and reputed business in the market.

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The Benefits of Sending Delivery Service Text Messages.jpg
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