Salesforce SMS Integration For Business Texting With TXTImpact

Businesses are today increasingly using texting as a marketing strategy. The use of SMS is a convenient and user-friendly way of communication with customers. SMS is proven to be effective in engaging with customers. This is why most businesses are using SMS for interacting with customers, promoting their products, offering service, etc. When you use business texting, you can extend its functionality by integrating it with other software that you use in your business. One such software is Salesforce.

Salesforce is one of the most popular software worldwide for CRM or Customer Relationship Management. CRM involves interaction with customers, which is what text messaging is used for. So, it makes sense to integrate Salesforce with text marketing. TXTImpact can help you do this seamlessly. TXT Impact is one of the leading providers of SMS services. They offer a text messenger app for Salesforce. You can use this to effortlessly integrated Salesforce with business texting.

Salesforce and business texting integration

The text messenger app can be used to integrate Salesforce with business texting. This is how it can work:

• When you use the app, you can use the email addressed captured for text messaging and directly add it to the Salesforce database.

• You can send text messages to all the contact on Salesforce. The mass texting option allows you to do this easily.

• You can send text messages immediately or you can schedule text messages to be sent automatically at pre-determined dates and times. This ensures no manual intervention is needed to send messages.

• Sending reminders and alerts are now easy thanks to the integration of Salesforce and business texting.

• Apart from mass text messages, you can also have one to one interaction with customers through business texting. This helps you engage well with customers, which is the secret to marketing success.

• You can thus use SMS for two-way texting and do it through Salesforce.

Salesforce has a process builder and Workflow. This can be used to directly send text messages.

• There are customizable templates available. This makes it easy for users who can take these templates, make changes if needed and send it.

Let us look at the features of the Salesforce Text marketing app. These features explain why this is so useful for businesses.

  1. It facilitates one to one conversation with prospects. This can help a business to acquire customers and generate business. Apart from SMS text message, even MMS with images and videos can be sent. All this is possible directly through Salesforce.

  2. Mass texting is the biggest feature that benefits businesses. Messages can be sent to all contacts instantly. Whether the number of contacts is in hundreds or thousands, the messages go instantly. This allows marketers to run promotional campaigns effectively to help improve their business prospects.

  3. Generally, mass texting is considered one way but it can be effectively used for two way communication. The recipients can reply to the messages.

  4. Salesforce Workflow and ProcessBuilder are handy tools available in the CRM software. This software can be used to create automated SMS.

How to use Salesforce SMS integration through TXTImpact?

If you have Salesforce CRM, then you can integrate it with business texting by getting the text messenger app from TXTImpact. The best part is that you need not pay immediately. You can get started with a trial. You can then test it out. If you like the experience, then you can choose one of the pricing plans to start using it regularly.

Here is how you can make use of this effectively:

  1. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a trial account on TXTImpact. The trial sign up will entitle you to use most of the features of TXTImpact for 7 days. Generally, when you sign up for trials you need to either get into a contract or sign up by providing your credit card details. You don’t need to provide your credit card details for signup. There are no fees for setup and no obligation to pay anything.

  2. Once your trial is activated, you can start using the text messenger app for integrating SMS with Salesforce. You can need to install the Wire2Air text messenger Salesforce app. You will find this app in AppExchange. This is a cloud marketplace that allows you to integrate Salesforce with other apps and software.

  3. You can then generate an API key, which you will get as a part of the trial. Once the key is ready, use it to connect to your Salesforce account.

  4. Your Salesforce and business texting integration is now ready. You can start using all the features. Salesforce can now be used to send text messages and also receive them. All the features can be used to get the best results.

Salesforce TXTImpact integration is a great way for you to connect to customers and enhance your business.

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