2022 Retail Sales Tips & Techniques Using SMS Marketing


Email and SMS marketing have been an integral part of business marketing strategies for a long time. SMS marketing is considered a cost-effective means to promote a brand, attract leads, and retain customers.

The advent of technology has enabled businesses to integrate text marketing software with their systems and automate text messages in bulk. You just need a few minutes to create a message and send personalized SMS to the phone numbers listed in the database.

From promoting a product/service to offering discounts and sharing more information, a text message can be used in several ways to market a brand.

In simple terms, SMS Marketing is the process of using text and SMS messages to share promotional materials and run marketing campaigns for a product/ service/ business.

Let’s look at some tips that help increase retail sales using SMS marketing services.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

SMS and text marketing can help you cross-sell and up-sell the other products and services you offer. Categorize customers based on their search history or purchases to understand which product combinations are more likely to attract them. You will be more probable to get customers if you send them messages about relevant products rather than dump unnecessary information in their message boxes.

Listen to Your Customers

Customers feel appreciated when businesses treat them as valuable members rather than a means to increase sales. Ask customers for permission before sending them text messages. Explain clearly what kind of messages they will receive from you. Don’t send multiple SMS messages per day. Stick to what appeals to the customers. Provide them an easy way to opt out if they don’t want to receive text messages.


SMS marketing software allows you to personalize bulk messages to include the customer’s name. Apart from this, you can use their demographic details to highlight offers they might be interested in. For example, if your retail store in a particular city is offering a flash sale, send a text message to customers from the region. If there’s a discount on the product a customer previously purchased, update them about the offer.

Find a Reliable Service Provider

Your text messages need to reach the customers on time. Using the services of a reliable business text marketing company will make a noted difference to the success of your campaigns. Customization, the number of text messages you can send, the keywords used, etc., play a vital role in the success of the SMS marketing campaign. Choose your service provider carefully after considering different options.

Crisp and to the Point Messages

Text messages should be short, clean, crisp, and to the point. People read text messages when at work, traveling, or multitasking. The intent of the message should reach them no matter what. Use simple and effective language with relevant keywords to highlight the reason for sending the text message. Use one message and add a CTA (if necessary) at the end of the message.

Create Urgency in Promotions

Nothing like a flash sale or a limited period offer to attract customers. However, you need to create a sense of urgency by emphasizing the period. Use short sentences and phrases to inform customers about the offer and add a tiny URL at the end. Make sure the link takes them directly to the sales page.

Push Sales Don’t Work

Customers already know that SMS marketing is a way to generate sales. Instead of being blatant in your campaign, take the subtle approach to create an interest in the customer. Tell them why they offer/ product is useful, and then leave a purchase link at the end of the message. Ensure the link leads directly to the sales page.

Use MMS to Charm the Audience

MMS or Multimedia Messages allow images and short videos in the message. Use this feature to make your message more attractive and eye-catchy. MMS messages work rather well when used for new launches as customers can see the product on the phone screen. You can use the same strategy for clearance sales as well.

Don’t Overdo SMS Marketing

This is an important tip to succeed in SMS and text marketing. Understand your audience and use customer analytics to send the right messages to the right segment. No customer wants to get half a dozen messages from a brand every day.

TXTImpact is a US-based business text marketing and SMS marketing service provider founded in 2006. We work with small and medium businesses, enterprises, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and establishments from various industries. From real estate to hospitality to education, we have clients belonging to different industries and markets. We offer a range of text marketing services to suit the varying needs of our clients.

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