Mass Text Messaging Benefits For Businesses

Do you have a business that requires interacting with your customers on a daily basis? And kind of business, B2C will involve interaction with the end-users for the sale of their product or service. Advertisements are quite costly and especially audiovisual, the print will always cost you high even the impact of the few hours stays for a longer time in the minds of the consumers. Medium-scale businesses like tuitions, food delivery, product delivery, and tailoring will require interacting with the customers in high frequency. Choose mass text messaging service over anything else.

Business text messaging falls into two categories: Short message services and multimedia services. Short message services are sent from the telephone, internet, and mobile-ready systems and involve sending alphanumeric messaging systems of 160 characters or lesser words. There are various reasons why SMS services are used.

• For sending text alerts to customers and also reminders, dates, time, etc.

• In case of product launch, information is sent to the customers to enhance potential purchases.

• They are used for sending appointment confirmation or reminders.

• SMS is often used for sending the shipping status updates.

• Often short surveys are sent via SMS services.

There are huge advantages of sending mass SMS to the users. The major reasons for sending SMS are:

1. Text messages get read:

A majority of the users prefer smartphones. It’s revealed in a study that almost 83% of consumers open the messages within 90 seconds from receiving them. Text messaging is the most preferred as it is widely accepted and preferred over other means. In case you have urgency in reaching your customers, then business text messaging is the most convenient way to reach them.

2. Text messaging does not require downloading:

Unlike digital messages, text messaging doesn’t involve the act of downloading. By the process of downloading involves access to extra data and that is hazardous. Either you may send a short or long code and your text messaging will reach the stipulated person.

3. Text messaging doesn’t require an internet connection:

You don’t require an internet connection to read your messages. If you are in a zone, where there is no reach of the internet, you can simply read the message without using your data. It’s quite simple and user friendly. Text messaging for business is mainly done by SMS, which can reach the masses.

4. Text messages are driven by automation:

Business that focuses on auto-reminders like delivering confirmation, reminding appointments, and also for billing reminders, make the maximum usage of business text messages. The text autoresponders make it easier for the support teams to drive meaningful and engaging messages while interacting with customers.

5. Text messaging for business is easy:

Texting a customer doesn’t require any special technique or qualification. In fact, business text messaging makes onboarding and implementation easier to understand. You may send a text message within 5 minutes or even lesser than that.

6. No, autocorrect:

While you type in a digital base, you will face difficulty in typing because of a feature called auto typing. Sometimes, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to check messages sent, it gives erroneous and funny messages.

7. No way to get away more technical:

You may convert email to SMS tools, and then send it out. You may even get text replies as emails. You may set up automated responses, send and receive text messages in any language. You may access various metrics like opt-in and opt-out rate, delivery rate, and also reply rate.

8. Customer service is better:

If you avail the SMS services, texting from a desktop is far better. Sending messages is faster and you can access chat histories to send specific messages thereby solving a problem.

9. Saving the phone’s battery:

if you do not have to switch to smartphone options and digital messages, you are basically saving the battery of your phone. When digital service is one, it consumes batter thereby making it almost 50% within a few hours.

10. Typing always a better option than pecking:

While you try typing on a laptop it’s almost 2.72 times more than that of on a smartphone. Basically, the screen in a smartphone is smaller than that of a laptop. So, you can’t freely type on a smartphone screen, but you can so that on a laptop.

11. Your phone might not work in a different country:

If you have landed in a different country, sometimes the API might not work. You might find difficulty in getting the digital interface commissioned. But SMS is available anywhere you go. Sending text messages from remote places is better compared to any other digital interface.

Considering all these conditions, it’s evident that SMS service is quite better and convenient than any other digital surface. Make the maximum utilization of technology, and get the best returns for your business. Make your workplace better equipped with an advanced client interface. Small and medium scale business has a great advantage from such text messaging services.

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