Landscape of text message industry since the launch of 10DLC

Landscape of text message industry since the launch of 10DLC.jpg

Overview of the Text Messaging Industry Post-10DLC

Introducing 10-digit Long Codes (10DLC) has significantly reshaped the text messaging industry, bringing both opportunities and challenges for service providers and businesses. Here's a comprehensive overview of the changes and their impact:

Advantages of 10DLC

  • Higher Throughput and Volume: 10DLC allows businesses to send around 100,000 messages per month at a rate of approximately 10 messages per second. This bridges the gap between the capabilities of shortcodes and traditional long codes, making it suitable for medium to high-volume messaging needs (SlickText)(Telnyx).

  • Cost-Effectiveness: 10DLC numbers are more affordable than short codes, costing about $10 to $30 per month, compared to over $1,000 for shortcodes. This makes 10DLC a viable option for small to medium-sized businesses; (SlickText) (Nextiva)

  • Enhanced Deliverability: Pre-approval by mobile carriers reduces the risk of messages being flagged as spam, ensuring higher deliverability rates. This helps businesses reach their customers more effectively (Telnyx)

  • Compliance and Trust: The 10DLC system includes stricter compliance requirements, such as registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR). This helps filter out spam and fraudulent messages, building consumer trust and enhancing the reputation of legitimate businesses (Telnyx) (Telnyx).

Industry Impact

  • Phasing Out of Shared Short Codes: Shared short codes have been phased out due to their susceptibility to spam and fraud. This has forced businesses to transition to dedicated shortcodes or 10DLC numbers, with many opting for the latter due to lower costs and added functionalities such as voice support​ (SlickText)​.

  • Regulatory Changes: Major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have enforced stricter regulations on 10DLC usage, including mandatory registration of brands and campaigns. Non-compliance can lead to significant fines and blocking of messages​ (Nextiva)​.

  • Improved Customer Engagement: With the ability to use local area codes, 10DLC numbers help businesses establish a local presence, making messages more recognizable and increasing customer engagement. This is particularly beneficial for businesses targeting specific geographic regions​ ( Telnyx)​​ (Nextiva)​.

  • Real Estate and Other Sectors: Industries such as real estate have seen particular benefits from 10DLC due to its ability to deliver high volumes of personalized messages while maintaining compliance. This has led to higher response rates and more successful deals​ (Launch Control)​.

10DLC Compliance and Its Challenges for Certain Businesses

The implementation of 10-digit Long Codes (10DLC) has brought about a significant transformation in the text messaging industry, particularly in terms of compliance requirements. However, these regulations also pose challenges for specific businesses, making it difficult or impossible for them to use 10DLC channels effectively.

Prohibited Use Cases

Several types of businesses and messaging use cases are explicitly prohibited from using 10DLC channels due to high volumes of consumer complaints and the potential for misuse. These include:

  1. High-Risk Financial Services:

    • Payday loans
    • Short-term high-interest loans
    • Third-party auto and mortgage loans
    • Student loans
    • Debt consolidation, reduction, and forgiveness programs (Wire2Air)​​ (Vonage API Support)​.
  2. Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation:

    • Affiliate marketing campaigns
    • Lead generation services that buy, sell, or share consumer data (Wire2Air)​​ (IntelePeer Docs)​.
  3. Debt Repair and Collection:

  4. Other Restricted Categories:

    • Cryptocurrency
    • Gambling and sweepstakes
    • Work-from-home schemes
    • Multi-level marketing
    • Controlled substances like tobacco, vaping products, and cannabis (Vonage API Support)​​ (Wire2Air)​.

Impact on Businesses

The compliance requirements and restrictions imposed by 10DLC can have several impacts on businesses:

  1. Increased Administrative Burden:

    • Businesses must invest time and resources in ensuring compliance with 10DLC regulations.
    • This includes detailed record-keeping, frequent updates to privacy policies, and ongoing monitoring of messaging practices (Telgorithm)​​ (Vonage API Support)​.
  2. Operational Challenges:

    • Certain businesses, especially those involved in prohibited activities like payday loans or affiliate marketing, may find it challenging to adapt their operations to meet 10DLC standards.
    • This can limit their ability to use SMS as an effective communication channel (Wire2Air)​​ (IntelePeer Docs)​.
  3. Potential Slowdown in Adoption:

    • The complexity and cost of compliance may deter some businesses from adopting 10DLC.
    • This is particularly true for small to medium-sized enterprises that may not have the necessary resources to navigate the regulatory landscape (Telgorithm)​.

Adoption of Text Messaging by Businesses

  • Slower Adoption Rates: The complexity and costs associated with 10DLC compliance may slow down the adoption of text messaging, especially among smaller businesses. The higher barriers to entry could delay the implementation of SMS marketing strategies (Launch Control)​.

  • Data on Adoption Rates: While specific data is limited, industry reports suggest a cautious approach by businesses, potentially leading to a temporary dip in adoption rates as they prioritize understanding and meeting compliance requirements (Telnyx)​​ (Nextiva)​.

  • Positive Long-Term Outlook: Despite initial slowdowns, the long-term outlook for text message adoption is positive. Businesses that navigate compliance requirements can benefit from higher deliverability rates, increased customer trust, and more effective messaging campaigns. The focus on compliance is expected to lead to a more robust and trustworthy messaging ecosystem (Telnyx)​​ (Launch Control)​.


The introduction of 10DLC has transformed the text messaging industry by providing a cost-effective, high-volume, and compliant messaging solution that enhances business operations and customer engagement. While it has introduced new challenges, particularly in terms of compliance and operational complexity, the long-term benefits of improved deliverability, customer trust, and a more reliable messaging system are expected to drive sustained growth and adoption in the industry.

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