Is SMS Marketing Right For Your Brand? Find 6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Is SMS Marketing Right For Your Brand?  Find 6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Smart phones are an important accessory that no one forgets to carry. Majority of the business deals are done via smart phones today. Today, mobile devices drive more traffic to websites than desktops do. Today, the whole world has come inside a phone screen. People browse websites, chat and even check their emails on phones more as compared to desktops or laptops.

This brings into focus an important part of mobile phones and that is the text messaging service. SMS marketing is an important aspect of business promotion. SMS or text-message marketing are majorly underutilized. People don’t know the profound benefits of text-message marketing. This article will elaborate on the various benefits of SMS marketing and how organizations can use this facility for their advantage.

According to reports, SMS marketing has a lot of benefits:

1.There is an opening rate of 98% and a conversion rate of 45%

No email marketing ever sees an opening rate of 98%. Majority of the marketing mails are marked as spam by the readers. But SMS marketing has an opening rate of 98%. Everybody does go through the SMS messages received and read them in detail. The reason could be that this area of marketing is highly underutilized and relatively new. There has been a saturation point in email marketing and people are bored of that concept.

2. 90% of the SMS messages are opened up within 3 minutes of receiving

With so many email apps and social media apps stored on your phone, SMS is relatively considered as more important of the lot, where you send text messages only when you need to say something important. The SMS service was not free earlier when it was launched and probably that makes it still very important. 90% of the text messages are opened up within 3 minutes of receiving, which make it very useful for the brand sending the marketing messages. Retailers have reported impressive ROI from text messages.

3. Mobile messaging is still an important way to engage with companies

The millennial understand the importance of communicating with a brand through SMS. Texting service for business is a medium used by most companies who like to educate their customers about their products and services.

4.SMS Messaging is used for useful messages too and not just promotional

Many companies send SMS messages to their customers to notify them about their shipment, payment confirmation, refund status, delivery status and other such messages. These are considered very useful and valuable by the customers. SMS messages can be send as mass texting for promotional messages, but such personal messages are sent only on one to one basis.

5SMS messages can be selective

If you would rather not receive SMS messages from the brand, you can easily click on ‘Opt Out’ option and give your reason for the same. This alerts the brand that the customer does not want their messages and they can come up with other means of promoting their brand.

6. Today, marketing is best done via mobile

Marketers need to keep at the top of their mind that majority of the marketing today is done by mobile. Every competitor is making use of mass texting to their customers for brand promotion and if you don’t do it, you will be left behind. Customers like the fact that their brand is always available to them.

Using the right strategies, right amount of messages and making the content highly impressive can make SMS marketing the right thing for your brand advertisement. If you send too many messages, your customers can get annoyed, unsubscribe you and lose trust in your brand. You need to devise your marketing plan well and ensure that you can promote your brand well via SMS marketing. You can send interesting offers and discounts on SMS messages to pull in maximum customers, attract them and make them wait for your messages. Using TXTImpact SMS marketing in the right way can take your brand to new heights which email marketing cannot do.


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