Importance of Text Messaging to Boost Sales

Text messaging is one of the most common forms of digital communication that is sent using a mobile phone. The popularity of this form of communication is based on the fact that it does not require internet connectivity nor does it require a smartphone. It can be used to send instant messages of up to 160 characters to anyone who has a mobile phone. It is particularly helpful in communication at times or in areas where internet connectivity is a problem. SMS as a mode of communication is preferred since it is non-intrusive as compared to making a phone call.

It is for these reasons that text messages are used by marketers. Studies have shown that 97% of all messages are read by the recipients. The response rate to text message marketing is more than 45% and is higher than e-mail marketing. Studies have also shown that customers prefer to receive marketing messages through a text message rather than a phone call. All these make the use of SMS a good option for marketers. The effective use of SMS can help boost sales for a business.

The following explains how text messaging for business can help boost sales, which also explains why it is so important for a business.

1) It can be used to reach out to prospective customers

Text messages can be sent to leads or prospective customers to reach out to them. Rather than make cold calls on the phone or visits, an automated text message can be sent to all inquiries whose data is available. The message can introduce business and its products. A special introductory offer can be given to make the customers visit the store and make a purchase. These kinds of messages will be very helpful for the sales team in their conversion process.

2) Marketing campaigns can be run through messaging

A complete marketing campaign can be run through the use of SMS marketing. All that is needed is a database of customers and bulk text messaging software. The software can be used to send messages to all customers on the database. The campaign can be done to promote a new product, give special offers for a particular product/product range, offer discounts or vouchers on purchasing products, announce the launch of a new product and invite bookings, or any other sales promotion scheme.

This kind of campaign can help attract customers to buy the product. Since the campaign would offer discounts or vouchers, it would help convince the customer that it is worth spending money on the product. The message can make a customer visit the store online or visit a real store where they can avail of the offer while making a purchase. A link to the website can be provided in the message to keep track of how many customers visited the website and made the purchase. This will be helpful in tracking the effectiveness of the campaign.

3) Engage with customers through interactive messaging

SMS can be used for interactive messaging to engage with customers. A business can boost sales only when it engages with customers and provide them the information they want. Keywords or shortcodes can be used for this. The message sent to the customer can contain keywords that the customer can use while replying. For example, if the customer uses the keyword INFO, then more information can be provided through additional messages or by sending a link to the website. Similarly, if the customer sends a keyword CALL, then it indicates the customer’s willingness to speak to a sales executive, and a telephonic call can be made. The use of keywords can help a business engage with customers, which is an important strategy to boost sales.

4) Provide alerts and updates

Alerts and updates can be sent to customers through SMS. For instance, if the customer inquiries about the availability of a product not in stock, an alert can be sent when the product is available. Similarly, when a product is ordered, the order details and invoice details can be sent through SMS. Updates on delivery and other details can also be sent using text messages.

5) Take feedback from customers

The best strategy to boost sales is to create loyal customers. A loyal customer will buy more of your product and also recommend it to others, helping in increased sales. Taking feedback from customers is easy through SMS. The customer can be asked to reply with their rating/feedback. This can be used to evaluate customer satisfaction and take measures to improve the quality of service offered.

Text messages using the software can help a business reach out and engage with their customers effectively. This can help the business boost their sales, which is critical for their success. Any business can easily adopt SMS marketing and look forward to enhancing their sales prospects.

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